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By: Xtend-life  05-Apr-2012

What do you mean 'de-age your skin'?

Well, it’s widely known that our Omega-3 / DHA Fish Oil is good for your skin, hair and nails…

BUT Omega3 doesn't go far enough when it comes to reversing the effects of photo-aging and protecting the skin from sun damage..the very foundation on which healthy young-looking skin depends..

Our researchers gathered more omega3 information through 2009 to develop a viable solution. Early in 2010 they made a significant breakthrough..incorporating two potent natural ingredients that have been proven to help address the main causes of premature aging to the skin! These two ingredients are:

  • Lyc-O-Mato® (a complex lycopene extract from tomato oil)…
  • Natural astaxanthin (from algae)…

Astaxanthin is the powerful antioxidant that is found in small quantities in krill oil. Our Omega-3 / DHA Fish Oil Premium provides more of this substance in a daily dose than krill oil. Natural lycopene is now being widely recognized in medical circles as having a broad range of health and skin benefits.

By creating the synergistic combination of astaxanthin and lycopene with our unique Omega3 / DHA Fish Oil creates a potent and effective new product.

Look good on the outside by helping your skin from the inside

Many people try using expensive big-name skincare creams…expecting miracles and dramatic effects. However, it doesn’t matter how ‘good’ a topical cream may be…unless the product has a good foundation on which to work, the product won’t be giving you its maximum benefits.

It’s a bit like building a house on loose sand…if the foundation has not been addressed, then the house will probably become unstable and your investment (not to mention your safety) will be seriously compromised.

The graph below illustrates the significance that just one of the ingredients may have on your skin:

As you can see, the Lyc-O-Mato® alone in our Omega-3 / DHA Fish Oil Premium has been shown to increase skin density by 7%…increase skin thickness by 14%..decrease scaling of the skin by 60%…and decrease skin roughness by 33%!

Astaxanthin also provides skin enhancing benefits by helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increasing skin moisture content. We have reason to believe that the synergistic effect of the astaxanthin with the lycopene could improve the above results even further..and this on top of the known benefits to skin of the Omega3 fish oil itself.

Reduced photo-aging means more attractive looking skin!

Photo-aging refers to the changing condition of the skin as a result of excessive exposure to the sun and UV radiation. Over time, the skin looks haggard and old with a dry and sometimes leathery exterior…making you appear older with more wrinkles and sun spots.

However, there is data that supports the effectiveness of Lyc-O-Mato® in not only helping to prevent photo-aging…but actually REVERSING the damage of photo-aging of the skin. The image below illustrates how Lyc-O-Mato® helps prevent UV damage..

Sunscreens, although they play a valuable role, tend to be overused which is likely a factor in the widespread cases of Vitamin D deficiencies. Also, some experts have concerns about the extensive use of some sunscreens that rely on chemical reactions underneath the outer layer of skin.

Both astaxanthin and lycopene can have beneficial effects in the relationship between sun and skin. Over time they will help your skin to be less sensitive to the effect of UV rays, reduce the tendency to burn and protect the deeper levels of the skin which are still damaged by those UV rays that even broad spectrum sunscreens do not block. They will also help neutralize the free radicals that are produced as a result of UV exposure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not interpret this as a means to eliminate the use of sunscreen when it is required. There are occasions when the judicial use of sunscreens are necessary. You should always avoid getting burnt by the sunand take steps to externally protect your skin at the first sign of ‘pinking’..

Even if you cover yourself in a broad spectrum sunscreen and you don’t even get a hint of ‘pinkness’..a small, but significant amount of UV light can penetrate deep into your skin; causing the formation of UV-induced free radicals…these Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) have been associated with skin photo-aging.

In fact, our premium fish oil may help:

  • Reverse skin damage caused by photo-aging…
  • Reduce skin redness…in some cases by as much as 50%…
  • Significantly reduce DNA damage…in some cases by as much as 42%..
  • Reduce free radical activity caused by UV radiation…
  • Inhibit the over-production of melanin…helping reduce sunspots and freckles…

The best protection against sun damage of your skin is provided by tackling it from the inside out and the occasional use of sunscreen at times of significant sun exposure…at the beach etc.

Increased prostate health and protection against breast cancer

You're now probably aware of the health benefits that this product provides to your body's exterior..BUT there's more! It also provides additional health benefits that cannot always be seen inside your body. For example..

Lycopene is potentially effective in the prevention of breast cancer according to some laboratory and observational studies. It has also been shown to provide benefits for men suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). It may even help reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

The image below shows the powerful role that lycopene plays in your body:

Fig. 2: Proposed mechanisms for the role of lycopene in preventing chronic diseases. Dietary lycopene may increase the lycopene status in the body and, acting as an antioxidant, may trap reactive oxygen species, increase the overall antioxidant potential or reduce the oxidative damage to lipid (lipoproteins, membrane lipids), proteins (important enzymes) and DNA (genetic material), thereby lowering oxidative stress. This reduced oxidative stress may lead to reduced risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease. Alternatively, the increased lycopene status in the body may regulate gene functions, improve intercell communication, modulate hormone and immune response, or regulate metabolism, thus lowering the risk for chronic disease. These mechanisms may also be interrelated and may operate simultaneously to provide health benefits.

In the case of astaxanthin, a recent study showed that it caused 98% inhibition of 5alpha-reductase (an enzyme associated with the growth of prostate cancer cells), and a nine-day treatment of prostate cancer cells using astaxanthin produced a 38% decrease in growth.

There’s also positive news regarding breast cancer research and the role that astaxanthin could play in potentially treating the disease…researchers have found that astaxanthin was the best inhibitor of tumor growth in the mammary glands of mice.

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