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By: World Wide Sires  06-Dec-2011
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WMS Testimonials

Bert and Tina Stacey, Cambridge, New Zealand - 300 cows

"The main reason for turning to World Wide Sires and WMS was because of the poor quality heifers we were getting using the bull of the day. WMS has provided us with a very even line of heifers this year which are capable of lasting in the herd for many years. I was finding that the quality of the heifers’ udders was letting me down before I changed to WWS. This year the heifers have really good teat placement, strong fore udder attachments and high, wide rear udders. They also have more dairyness, strength and body depth than before. Overall, a greater will to milk.
The program has helped to eliminate any calving problems as it won’t put a difficult calving bull on a narrow rump cow."

Charles Richmond Jr., Eden, New York, U.S.A. - 190 cows

"Doing the linear type breakdown, David Kempisty evaluates my herd noting the strong and weak points. He tells me which traits to concentrate on. Then he gives me input on which bulls he likes and which ones will work in my herd. That’s the main reason I use WMS. I hear more and more about inbreeding. WMS doesn't let me breed a Blackstar back to Fred! That’s an added bonus!"

David P. VanDeHey, New Horizons Dairy, DePere, Wisconsin, U.S.A. - 660 cows

"My theory is, if you intend to milk cows and spend money on breeding, why not have nice cows to milk. That’s why I use WMS. My family has been with Select Sires/World Wide Sires since 1983. We liked the excellent cattle we were seeing and other farmers advised us to try Select Sires/World Wide Sires. We did and we’ve been pleased with the results. We continue to get good type and stature in our cows with working udders that are easy to milk."

Debra Kirsch, Devin-Acres, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, U.S.A. - 89 cows

"I switched to NorthStar-Select Sires/World Wide Sires because I found more type with WWS bulls. I’m an "elite" customer so I can buy better bulls for less money. With SMS, I get a second opinion on how to use these bulls. Since my WMS results have freshened, they have come in larger framed with nice udders. The MEs on our heifers have reached as high as 30,000M with many first calf heifers producing as much as 28,000 to 30,000 pounds actual."

Donald Dimock & Anne Farrell, Dimock Farms, Peru, New York, U.S.A. - 166 cows

"I started with Select Sires/World Wide Sires over ten years ago. They have the genetic variety and the quality sires I want. The genetic evaluations are helpful in choosing the right sires to further the genetics in our herd. Our evaluator, Jerry Emerich, is easy to talk to and well acquainted with the Holstein breed. He fairly evaluates each individual animal presented to him. The overall appearance of our herd, especially frames and udders, has improved and protein levels have increased. We’re strengthening cows and cow families with each generation."

Doris Schoen, Winton, New Zealand - 80 cows

"We own a small herd of 80 cows which is part of a 220 cow herd. With a herd this size, we can not afford to make mistakes with the bulls we select, especially as we like to choose only three bulls each season. We want to use a bull that will give us daughters with strength and plenty of capacity…we are very pleased."

Gary Flikkema, L.F. Dairy, Manhattan, Montana, U.S.A. - 210 cows

"We’d like to expand our herd of 180 milking cows and push production from 21,400 pounds to 24,000 pounds. We’re relying on Select Sires/World Wide Sires and our WMS Evaluator, Ron Beal, to recommend bulls that will help us get there. Being on the program for 10 years, we’ve seen improved overall type with better feet and legs and increased size."

Groote Post Genetics, Cape Towne, South Africa

"We have been using WMS for three years and seen a marked improvement in still births and more balance in type with the younger animals. We find the biggest advantage is the program’s ability to manage inbreeding and do the mating of the cows in practical and factual way."

Howard Crump & Steve Swan, Crump Farms, Sherman, New York, U.S.A. - 196 cows

"I like Select Sires/World Wide Sires for the bulls and the WMS program. My herd is 100% registered. I aim for high production and type. The WMS program helps me achieve this. I like my Evaluator Dave Kempisty really well. I rely on him 100% to choose mates that will give good udders, feet and legs, high milk and type. I would recommend this program to others because it has improved my herd and certainly can improve yours, too."

JC & RA Meredith, Herefordshire, England - 130 cows

"Having been on World Wide Sires Mating programe now for over 6 years, we are extremely pleased with the results we are achieving on both production & uniformity of type as we are striving to breed longer lived, milkier more efficient cows. We identify type traits to concentrate on, on a herd basis & then mate on an individual basis within the group of sires chosen. Inbreeding is becoming a big problem today, & the programme has total control over that which reduces the worry, we also use the pedigree mating programme for the bulling heifers to take the worry out of breeding them also."

Joe Sullivan, JSJRW Holsteins, Lawjon, Oklahoma, U.S.A. - 205 cows

"I appreciate that WMS let’s me also use bulls from other studs, because the competition has a few good ones, too. Has WMS changed my herd? Well, I hate to classify my older cows, but love to look at two and three-year-olds. There’s no way, with all the requirements on my time, that I can be the cowman that my Evaluator, Bobby Griggs, is. He sees a lot of cows and daughters of bulls and knows what various bulls can do."

Kees van Beest, Hoogblokland, The Netherlands

"Due to the use of the WMS mating service we have a lot lesser disappointments in our milking heifer-group. And therefore it has a positive effect on our financial results. We are very happy with the results, especially the heifers in the picture. The dams on these 3 heifers were classified G+ 81 and twice G+ 80, so the improvement is obvious. The last two classifications showed a 2,5 point higher score then the country average. The cows resulting from WMS-matings can handle the high production easily and therefore are expected to last."

Keith & Ness Shadbolt, Christchurch New Zealand - 250 cows

"I’m not a registered judge or a breed classifier, so when I was approached by a World Wide Sires representative, we jumped at the chance to have experts evaluate the herd.
Every cow in the herd is mated to the correct sire.
It has been ten years now since we started to use WMS and can proudly show off any of this season’s two year olds.
It costs us the same money to rear a cheap run bull daughter as it does a proven WWS bull daughter, and it makes sense to us to use the best genetics that we can afford.
Staff and A.I. technicians find the program very easy to follow. Our herd of 250 cows consistently average 500 kg of milk solids or 1600 kg per Ha."

Leona Green, Ohaupo, New Zealand - 140 cows

"We are really impressed with our heifers. They are such an even line and are all milking very well, whilst all but one heifer of the 25 has got back in calf.
>What I like about the program is that it is so easy to use. Before starting with WMS, we were still using nominated semen, but it was too hit and miss. We use the WMS program to amend any poor traits with individual cows and we feel that it gives us the best possible calf out of each cow."

Linus Schumacher, Teutopolis, Illinois, U.S.A. - 250 cows

"One fact explains why I use WMS. I don’t have time to study the bulls I use. I feel my evaluator, John Erbsen, is much more qualified. His role is very important. I place my future in his hands every time he evaluates my herd."

Lynn Eberly, Fayetteville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. - 175 cows

"With WMS I have a consistent breeding program that never changes, even with turnovers of employees. Three of us can do the breeding and we never have to guess what to use. I expect the evaluator to help us set our goals. I set the price I’ll spend, but don’t mind going outside to get an exceptional bull. I really depend on my evaluator for the rest. Since going on the WMS program about eight years ago, I have a more matched group of cattle."

Mark Pasch, Pasch Farm Inc., Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, U.S.A. - 180 cows

"Our goal has been to milk a beautiful, sound herd of cows that are profitable. We need cows with sound type that can produce 25,000 to 30,000 pounds of milk. We rely on Select Sires/World Wide Sires to help us improve our genetics so we can reach this goal. Our WMS Evaluator, Julie Ainsworth, selects the bulls and mates all the cows based on the criteria we set. WMS saves us a lot of time when it’s time to breed a cow, and we don’t have to handle a bull. Some of my favorite daughters are out of Mark, Elton, Mars Tony, Blackstar, Vision and Chesapeake. The bulls sire beautiful animals that have a will to milk. We’ve seen profitable results with WMS. We have gained 450 pounds of milk per year and 25 pounds of fat. Seldom do we ship a heifer for type."<./span>

Michael Ridge, RG Dairy, Glendale, Arizona, U.S.A. - 1175 cows

"Select Sires/World Wide Sires has been used here since we started in 1973. We started with 100% Guernseys and eventually added Jerseys, and now own 1175 Holsteins. I credit our smooth transition to our WMS Evaluator, Craig Barton. He recommended mating sires that helped us reach our initial goal of producing more milk. Today, I’m looking for more milk per cow, higher protein and calving ease. With WMS, I’m seeing improvements in these traits and our herd average keeps going up. Craig has us headed in the right direction."

Mick Kerrins - Tatura, Victoria, Australia

"Now with 5 years of WMS in our herd we see the visible benefits - production & type. Michael Boyd of World Wide Sires Australia has taken our herd from an average base to a herd we feel proud to present to visitors and the milk company."

Neville and Liz Spice, Otorohanga, New Zealand - 300 cows

"We decided to use WMS because we were not happy with the heifers we were milking before we changed over to WWS. We like the way the program takes all the guesswork out of breeding. We don’t have the time to make all the individual breeding decisions, so we let the experts do it for us. We have been so happy with the results.
This year’s heifers are the best we’ve ever had. World Wide Sires held a field day here last year and we separated out dams whose daughters had been bred on the program. The results were incredible! For example, if the dam had a loose fore udder and wide front teats, the daughter would have a strong attachment with correct teat placement. The heifers also seem bigger this year and are able to compete more with the older cows in the herd. We would recommend the program to anyone who wants to breed good, long lasting cows that pay the bills!"

Nico Noorland, Streefkerk, The Netherlands

"The most important reason we used a mating program was to protect for inbreeding and recessives. But seeing the resulting 1st and 2nd lactation cows from various bulls I am very pleased. Through WMS matings faults were corrected and weak traits on the bulls we’ve used were protected. Not only from World-Wide Sires bulls are the results satisfying, but also from bulls from other suppliers. So I will definitely continue to use the mating service."

Paul and Sue Bardoul, Kaipaki, New Zealand - 400 cows

"I look up each cow in the mating guide provided and I know that the bull suggestion will be the best mating possible from the group of bulls chosen to provide me with the high type cow I require. I want cows that are capable of achieving the high production levels that we aim for, but they must do this year after year and not fall to pieces after their first season. The program also takes away any chance of inbreeding – which used to be a real concern."

Paul Quirk, Northern Victoria, Australia

"I am seeing real improvements in my heifers as they come in. They have better udders and better overall structure. I'm also growing them out better after taking some management advice from WWS. Bull selection is also easier for me because WWS don't always push their own bulls on me. I really appreciate that."

Peter Callan, Callan Farms, Wyoming, New York, U.S.A. - 168 cows

"Our goal is to breed a herd of high producing cows that have functional udder traits and correct feet and legs that promote longevity in a freestall environment. My WMS evaluator, Dave Kempisty, is a soft-spoken individual who knows what a commercial herd is and knows how to breed for me. We admire him for his honesty in evaluating our herd and recommending sires that will help us reach our goal. I highly recommend this program because it’s far easier and much faster to have an evaluator recommend the proper sires."

Peter Stahl, Lewistown, Montana, U.S.A. - 100 cows

"Since we began using the WMS program, our cows went from averaging 45 to 75 pounds and the udders have improved significantly with the help of sires like Mark, Blackstar, Chesapeake and Highlight. WMS is an excellent program for correcting cows."

Soler Farms, Orting, Washington, U.S.A.

"WMS saves time and we get better results in that the evaluator sees more cows and is unbiased in what he sees in a cow."

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