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By: World Wide Sires  06-Dec-2011
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World Wide Mating Services (WMS)

The world's largest and most successful mating program just got better!

Focused on farmer profitability, the World Wide Mating Service (WMS), available through World Wide Sires, is designed to assist farmers in developing an organized approach to breeding programs. The program developed by Select Sires in Plain City, Ohio, has made recent updates to allow it to better enable farmers to maximize their herd's profit.

The WMS program, used to mate over 4.6 million cows in more than 40 countries per year, has been updated to provide more control over inbreeding and genetic recessives. It is well known that inbreeding can reduce health and productivity as well as increase the chances of inheriting genetic recessives such as CVM or BLAD. A recent study conducted at the University of Wisconsin found that expected lifetime profit per heifer calf increased by $9-$37 in Holsteins and $20-$59 in Jerseys when using a mating program that reduces inbreeding. The WMS program is proven to help control incidence of inbreeding and increase farm profitability.

WMS also helps guard herds against genetic recessives. When a cow's sire and maternal grandsire are known, the frequency of CVM-affected calves will be reduced by 75% with the use of WMS. If the cow's sire and maternal grandsire are known, CVM-carrier sires used through the WMS program will have a greater than 99% chance of producing a normal calf. WMS can protect a farmer's future and capitalize on the genetic potential of his herd.

Other new features added to the WMS program allow breeders to compare their herd to the national average, thus allowing them to track herd progress. Also updated, the Pedigree Mate portion of the program allows for more accurate mating of heifers.

The WMS Program..

  • is based on individual farmer goals
  • is a scientific program utilizing advanced computer technology
  • evaluates over 16 traits on each animal
  • utilizes U.S. Holstein Association data on mating sires to enhance the lifetime profitability of a herd
  • guards against inbreeding and genetic recessives

Proven Results

Breeders around the world consider WMS the premier mating program.

New Zealand farmers using our mate program see visible improvement in their progeny. Daniel and Rose Harris from  Kaihere, in the Hauraki Plains, have been using the mating Program for 13 years. They have seen huge changes in the temperament and udder confirmation of their herd and credits their long association with the  WMS programme for this.  Teat placement and fore udder attachment are two of the area's that have shown massive improvement, together with foot angle and legs.

"We will continue to utilize the WMS programme as it gives us the very best of international bulls from World Wide Sires to work with and we are confident knowing that we are using the same bulls that are available to dairymen all over the world. It just takes all the guesswork and inbreeding hassles away from us and lets us get on with other tasks."

Enhance Your Future Today

Don't sell yourself short by utilizing just any mating program. Select WMS and let the program work for you to ensure your herd's future profitability. Your semen investment is just that - an investment in your future.

Enhance your herd's future earning potential - that's the goal of the World Wide Mating Service.

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Keywords: Mating Service, Profitability,

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Having been on World Wide Sires Mating programe now for over 6 years, we are extremely pleased with the results we are achieving on both production & uniformity of type as we are striving to breed longer lived, milkier more efficient cows. The main reason for turning to World Wide Sires and WMS was because of the poor quality heifers we were getting using the bull of the day.


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