Partnership resource centre

By: Work-life Balance  06-Dec-2011

A successful partnership requires an investment of skills and resources. We can provide information and support to help you get started and build a more productive workplace relationship.

  • Information and advice on partnership – what it is, what it can do for you and your organisation, the benefits of partnership, and the challenges and outcomes you can expect
  • Assistance to set up partnership processes
  • Support to develop the capability of managers, union officials, and staff, at different stages of partnership
  • Resources, training materials, case studies and other tools to support organisations adopting a partnership approach
  • Opportunities for managers and unionists involved in partnership initiatives to share ideas and network with each other
  • Expert facilitative support for organisations working actively on partnership development
  • Training to improve interpersonal skills and inter-institutional processes, such as conflict resolution and business analysis
  • Expertise in partnership, organisational development and change management.