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By: Whitewalltyres  06-Dec-2011
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A set of four wheels: From just $70 incl GST for a standard application. Combinations of colour and or widths extra. There may be a variation in price depending on the tyres - your operator will confirm once tyres have been sighted. In some instances hard tyre compounds will require extra prep work and will incur an extra charge depending on time involved. Unfortunately this can not be confirmed prior to commencement.

Our coating system, (exclusive to Whitewalltyres.co.nz) can be applied to new tyres. When applied to new tyres you will experience discolouring of the whitewall initially, but, in time, with regular cleaning and as more travel is done on the tyres the colour will return. The appearance will not be as when first applied, more like aged genuine factory whitewalls, which many people prefer. If after 2000ks of travel have been completed and the colour is not to your liking they can be re-coated for half the initial cost.

If potential discolouring is an issue then it is recommended that tyres have 2000kms of travel before application.

Process requires surface preparation of the sidewall of the tyre to enable adequate adhesion of the coating. This in no way damages the structural integrity of the tyre.

Wheels remain on the vehicle during application. Motorbikes however must have the wheels removed for the application.

Weather conditions will dictate the length of time before vehicle can be driven.It is usually okay to drive home right away but we recommend then leaving for at least 24 hours to cure.

Scuffing / kerbing of tyres will damage Whitewalls. DIY touchup and Whitewall cleaner available.

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Keywords: Tyres, Vehicle, Wheels