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By: Webanz  06-Dec-2011
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Add these services to yours

You're a busy designer, so let us help you..

Being a web designer is very busy. Time with the client, information architecture, navigation, GUI design, templates, coding, scripting, databases, testing, and so it goes on..

And the client, who often doesn't know what he really wants until he sees what you've done, expects you to write the content! How do you do that too! Or, they've supplied you with their content, and it's, well, you just know that the content isn't going to do it. You've done this wonderful design, but the content is hopeless! And they can't spell, the grammar's like a ten year old has written it. Then there's SEO considerations!

Well, Webanz has taken all that on board, and we have come up with some options where we can supply you with the following services as part of your own. You charge the client for the price we quote, we charge you less your commission. If you want to keep the service separate, that's fine too.

Content Writing and Editing

We employ only qualified and internet savvy writers and editors for content writing and editing.

Either we go to the client under your name, or you obtain the information we require from the client, and then our writers will turn the information into content copy that sells, convinces, inspires, or sings - whatever the client wants from the content. If the client wants the content optimised for SEO, that can be done too.

SEO Services

These days most clients are aware that they have to take SEO into account. They may not know how it works, but they've heard all the buzwords and, anyway, they expect their site to be No.1 in the search lists.

You no longer have to try and keep up with the latest trends in SEO, and turn from designing and coding. Let us take care of your client's SEO needs under your name, or as a separate contracter.

Keywords: Seo