Web Automation - Telemetry Applications

By: Web Automation  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Satellite, Telemetry Systems, Web Automation

Telemetry is remote measurement and control using wireless communications or data transfer over a network.

Web Automation can provide telemetry systems using radio, cellular, satellite or internet based solutions connected to a wide variety of systems. We can also provide customized web based base station software or connect to standard industrial SCADA packages.

Radio systems can utilise licensed or unlicensed frequencies at 400MHz for serial communications or 900MHz spread spectrum, frequency hopping Ethernet communications. Solutions can be point-to-point or, point-to-multipoint for larger distributed networks. Radio systems have the advantage that they are virtually free to run and are independent of third party networks. Web Automation has used Elpro, Data-Linc & QTech radio modems to provide PLC to PLC and PLC to SCADA telemetry networks.

Cellular systems can be GPRS [Vodafone] or CDMA [Telecom]. These offer the benefit of not only remote connectivity but also completely mobile solutions. Access from a base station can be via the cellular network or via the internet. With the rates for data usage steadily dropping a cellular solution can be very cost effective. Web Automation has used the Fargo Maestro GSM/GPRS cellular modems for a system remotely connecting PLCÂ’s to an RSView SCADA package via the internet.

Satellite can be used in really remote locations where radio would require repeater networks and cellular coverage is not available. Satellite offers high bandwidth with moderate operating costs. Web Automation has used the Telstra BigPond broadband satellites to connect Meridian Energy Australia unmanned hydro power stations to a SCADA monitoring system in Twizel.

Web Automation has provided telemetry systems for the Lyttelton Port Company (LPC), Fonterra Reporoa, Meridian Energy and the Buller District Council.

Keywords: Satellite, Telemetry Systems, Web Automation

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