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By: Visionslive  06-Dec-2011

Friendly Help When You Need It!

Visionslive is an on-demand system that you can log on to and use, to set up any kind of online project, and has won many high accolades and reviews from its clients. This is because it has a modern, easy-to-use interface, which is flexible enough to suit any kind of project. You are free to log on, set up and run projects on Visionslive at any time.

You can also use the comprehensive services and expert assistance available from our friendly staff at Visionslive, should you need it. This includes:

Expert Assist: Methodology and Approach

The Visionslive Expert Assist team can help you decide which of the Visionslive tools to use, help you with the design of your chosen methodology, and can provide ideas for structuring and executing  any kind of project – whether it is a live online focus group project, task-driven immersive research, online depth interviewing , diaries, web ethnography or any combination of these. Contact us to get help with your project.

Expert Assist:  Project Set-Up

Our Expert Assist team can set up your project on Visionslive, including loading your respondents and respondent profiles (up to 50 profiles per respondent), preparing stimulus, discussion guides, tasks, boards, online focus groups invitations, system tests, messaging, client observer invitations and more – so that you can sit back, and simply log in and moderate your project when it goes live. Contact us to find out more.

Expert Assist: High-Quality Recruitment

Expert Assist: Participant Management

The Visionslive Platform contains extensive tools to manage your participants, right from the beginning to end of a project. If you need any assistance in ensuring that respondents turn up, stay focused and engaged on their activities, and then are paid their incentives at the end if they participated – our Expert Assist team can help with every aspect of the process. Contact us to find out more.

Expert Assist: Moderator Services

Visionslive has a global network of moderators in almost every country, including experts in many sectors that can discuss topics with ease, in any language. This includes Healthcare, Automotive, FMCG – Travel and Tourism, Youth, Technology, Education, Social Research, Pharma, Technology and IT, Telecommunications and much more, at very reasonable prices. Contact us if you would like us to provide an Expert Assist Moderator for your next project.

Expert Assist: Language and Translation Services

Visionslive has on-demand language translation services available for your research – including multi-lingual moderation services (Bilingual English-Speaking moderators) real-time translation of live online focus groups, and also translation of discussion guides, tasks, stimulus for international/multilingual research, at very reasonable prices. Contact us to find out more.

Expert Assist: Online Qualitative Training (OQT)

Visionslive offers a number of online qualitative research training modules, to help you get started and up to speed with online qual and the Visionslive Platform tools. These are delivered by an MRS Accredited Trainer, who is an expert at Visionslive Platform. There are five training modules covering all aspects of modern online qualitative research(OQT1 – OQT5), and a training session may be attended by up to 4 people at once, so it is very cost-effective way of getting you or your team up and running with online qual. Click here to contact us for more information, or to book a course.

Other products and services from Visionslive


Products and Services « VisionsLive – Online Qualitative Research, Online Focus Groups Software

The online version of the traditional in depth interview – present media of any kind while you discuss with a respondent, allow them to point and annotate materials while you moderate using the streamlined Visionslive interface. Run live online focus groups with 2 to 20 participants, show any kind of media, invite your clients and stakeholders to watch, then download and share data instantly after the group.


Live Online Focus Groups 2.0 « VisionsLive – Online Qualitative Research, Online Focus Groups Software

All of these interactions are intuitive and simple for both moderator and respondent, since Visionslive is designed and built from the ground-up, by leading-edge researchers, for the entire research process. Our Session Manager ‘Wizard’ guides you through the step-by-step process of setting up a group, while still being flexible enough to allow you to make any changes and customisations along the way.


Next-Gen Boards – For BBFG’s, Diaries, Immersive Research and more « VisionsLive – Online Qualitative Research, Online Focus Grou

With Visionslive Next-Gen Boards, respondents and moderators can participate in an online research project in their own time, from anywhere in the world, in any language. Respondents answer questions the way you want them to – written responses, direct-to-board webcam recording, video uploads/diary, image uploads, annotations.


Online In-Depth Interviews « VisionsLive – Online Qualitative Research, Online Focus Groups Software

Supports Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems – Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. VISIONSLIVE ONLINE IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS is the online qualitative version of the traditional in-depth interview. Chat-based or full webcam A/V discussions -Designed for in-depth one-on-one qualitative interviewing. Online In-Depth interviews can be conducted from the convenience of respondents’ homes or offices.


Remote Screen View 2.0 « VisionsLive – Online Qualitative Research, Online Focus Groups Software

Involve your clients and other stakeholders – share the audio stream and view of the participant’s screen and webcam with other observers. Direct respondents to do specific tasks and invite your clients to watch and hear the respondents’ feedback. Use Remote Screen View to remotely observe how respondents browse the web or use their computer. VISIONSLIVE REMOTE SCREEN VIEW for online remote usability testing and web ethnography.


SpeakSurveys « VisionsLive – Online Qualitative Research, Online Focus Groups Software

SpeakSurveys is a new technology from Visionslive, which enables you to run great-looking, highly usable, engaging and intuitive surveys, with some neat new features to allow rich media display and submissions, and the ability to set up. Question types that allow respondents record a response with their web-cameras directly into the survey. SpeakSurveys – A Powerful Quantitative Tool with Qualitative Features.