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By: Vis-com  05-Apr-2012
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A Great offer for your summer marketing and promotion. Buy one tear drop flag and get the 2nd for half price!

Branding in action draws customers to your organization, to your products and services, without conscious thought or question on their part.

Everything you do or don’t do carries a promise to your customers. This is branding.
Branding is simply your image and your reputation, built on everything that you did or did not do, promised or did not promise. This is why you can never not brand, for even if you don’t control it, you will be branded.

It is also the promise you hold up to your own employees: this is what we stand for and this is how-we-do-things-here. This is internal branding. Internal branding is how you excite your employees and secure their commitment to deliver on the promise you make to customers.

Here are some simple steps to follow to maximise your branding potential.

1:Make your logo synonymous with your business - have it appear wherever possible

2:Be consistent. If there is an advertising line with your logo, always use it

3:Keep your brand visible always. The more you reinforce your brand identity, the more memorable it becomes. Get your brand out there whenever possible - on your company  vehicles, on each page of your web site, and on the products themselves

While the economic climate has changed there is no need to lower your performance expectations. If you set your goals high anything is possible. Right now it is about being smart. Review all your costs, look to get more value out of your suppliers and strategically look to expand your business. This is a time to position your business for the future. Effective Branding is a key component to making this possible.

NEW!! - Textured Wall Coverings

Giving a new meaning to ‘the feature wall’ are the new DreamScape textured wall wraps. These high performance wall covers are easily printed, keeping sharp colours and images, and easy to apply and remove. 

Self-Adhesive, Repositionable, Fire Retardent, Peel’n'Stick

Perfect for:

  • Wall Murals
  • Special Printed Borders
  • Awnings
  • Special Effects Banners
  • Signs
  • Textured ceiling finishes
  • Displays
  • Special Events

Call us now for a quote or to learn more!

Nicknamed the ‘Pavement Picasso’, Julian Beever is known world wide for his 3D artworks, and deserves the title!

After discovering his talent for street art in the 1980’s, Julian Beever has traveled the world developing his talents and creating masterpieces throughout the USA, Europe, and many other countries. Using only chalk and a stretch of pavement, he constructs optical illusions drawn to create a 3D impression from one particular viewpoint.

Taking up to three days to produce one artwork, and disappearing just as quickly, is perhaps the most intriguing part of Julians work.

Living on only in photo’s, we decided to spread the talent of this amazing English artist.

Having your signs cleaned and maintained can increase your signs durability, visibility and increase their life expectancy. Why not have your signs looking sharp and lasting longer for a much lower price than having them replaced?
Sign maintenance and repair is a service we provide our customers, cleaning and replacing damaged or faulty materials to make your signs much more powerful. Although this service is not as well known to our customers as others, it is a service we are experienced in, and more than happy to provide.
Don’t just take our word for it - 

“Vis-Com’s sign maintenance service is efficient, great value for money, and very effective.”
Jim Turner, Fendalton New World

Digital Signage is an amazing new technology. A large white space in the advertising industry, with so much room for development. An ideal way for new businesses, to quickly approach a competitive market.

All run from one computer, with a high quality signal feeding up to 50 computers on one site. A very low maintenance system, giving your company complete flexibility to adjust the content as often as your advertising campaigns, rolling new advertising media in minutes.

 GSTV (Gas Station TV) is an advertising campaign in gas stations in Detroit, where customers engage in watching the advertisement channel while pumping their gas. A Nielsen Media Research study that said 70 percent of participants recalled advertising shown on its network, while 78 percent of participants agree that GSTV is a good source of product information.

These LCD screens can be tailored to suit your specific needs, from interactive touch screens to motion sensors. Sell effective advertising space to suppliers or customers and eliminate the need to have advertising media designed and printed for each new marketing strategy, saving extra costs and processing time.

With our own personal in-house designer, we are more than capable of designing and artwork and creating your company’s brand, logos design, letterheads, business cards, apparel, and vehicle signage, all under the one roof. Many of our clients will know our Rachel, and know that she is very capable of creating or developing unique designs for all types of businesses.
Client: Gill Burrell from Hilliyers café approached us wanting a new, modern look for her Café/bakery. Provided with only a copy of the old logos, and a small brief, Rachel was able to create a sharp new look for Hillyers Café, that Gill and her team are overly impressed with. Gill was happy to have been kept informed about the progress of her artwork, and enjoyed having her input towards the end result.
We have also designed artwork for Coffee Culture, Clarks Deli,  Magoo freight and many more, who are all just as pleased.
We understand the personality and vision of a company needs to be portrayed through its image, and we will work along side you to create the ideal look for your company.

Keywords: Advertising