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Keywords: Dairy Products, Medical Diagnosis, Bacterial Spore

Biohazard Detection - Rapid biohazard detection and identification

Water and Air Quality - Biological analysis of water and air supplies and systems

Food Quality - Food quality analysis for dairy products and plant

Medical Diagnosis - Rapid detection and identification for diagnosis

CeekerTM - Bacterial spore detection for first responders, rapid and reliable screening against anthrax

Feature highlights -

  • Discriminates between a bacterial spore threat or a hoax in minutes
  • Portable and robust design developed for use by first responders
  • Easy to use: One-button simple - just press the button and read the display
  • No wet chemistry, heat, ultrasound or sample destruction
  • No chemicals
  • Battery operated, handheld and lightweight
  • Samples and results are archived for future reference
  • Sealed unit for standard decontamination and re-use
  • Independently tested

Principal applications -

  • Biohazard detection
  • Suspicious-powder analysis
  • Decontamination testing
  • Building and facilities management detection systems

Principal users -

  • First responders
  • Fire departments
  • Police departments
  • HazMat teams
  • Airport security
  • Port security
  • Postal services
  • Building/Facilities owners/managers
  • Federal/Government agencies
  • Military/Defense teams

Principal advantages of the CeekerTM -

  • Clear results in minutes - no interpretation required
  • As portable, robust and easy to use as a flashlight
  • No sample is consumed, contaminated or destroyed
  • No wet chemistry, no consumable chemicals or sample preparation
  • Fully re-usable - test multiple samples without delay
  • Tests spilled powder samples

 Easy to use: One-button simple

Step 1. A potential bacterial spore threat is reported.  The threat may be any unidentified powder material.
Step 2. The first responder locates the unidentified sample and submits it to the CeekerTM.
Step 3.

The first responder presses the Ceeker'sTM analyze button.

Step 4. Within minutes, the first responder reads the LCD display.  Clear indication of the presence of bacterial spores is presented.  No interpretation is necessary.
Step 5.

The first responder makes an informed decision on how to proceed.  The CeekerTM is ready for immediate re-use.

That's all!  No complicated sample preparation.  No complicated and slow analysis.  No sample is consumed, contaminated or destroyed.

Technology that works on the frontline

Unlike other bacterial detection systems, the CeekerTM relies on non-destructive, non-invasive optical analysis.  Optical analysis allows detection of bacterial spores, without physically contaminating, consuming or heating the sample.

The CeekerTM is a fully integrated device, with everything required contained in one lightweight, handheld unit.  This includes optical systems, embedded optical recognition protocol software, a battery pack, and an LCD display.

Independently tested

An independent national laboratory has been engaged to verify the detector's optical recongition capabilities.  So far, these tests confirm the system's ability to detect as few as 3,000 bactieral spores in dry and liquid samples, even in masked samples such as mixtures of spores, dried flour, baking powder, talcum power and dust.  Competing systems typically have minimum detection limits in the range of 10,000 to 10,000,000 spores.

Testing to date applies to proof-of-technology and preproduction development detectors.  Further independent testing programs will be undertaken for production models.  These programs will be conducted at a range of laboratories, including those specified by regulatory authorities and key customers.

> See the CeekerTM third party test evaluations on

# Based on initial prototype testing

We are currently developing water / air analysis solutions for the following applications:

  • ‘Real-time’ bacterial water quality analysis for civilian water supplies
  • Continuous-flow rapid bacterial spore detection for air conditioning systems and facilities management
  • Rapid bacterial spore detector for hand-held air monitoring

We are currently developing food quality analysis solutions for the following applications:

  • Bacterial spore enumeration for powdered dairy product quality assurance
  • Vegetative bacteria identification and enumeration systems for dairy products

We are currently developing medical diagnosis solutions for the following applications:

  • Rapid diagnostic tools for Otitis
  • Rapid detection equipment for bacterial pathogens
  • Rapid pathogen detection and identification equipment for rapid diagnostics

The equipment on these pages is intended to provide valuable information, but is not intended to provide absolute or conclusive detection and identification. The results from this equipment should be validated using other appropriate techniques. Veritide Ltd makes no recommendations nor does it assume any liability for how the information is utilized.

Keywords: Bacterial Spore, Biohazard Detection, Dairy Products, Food Quality Analysis, Medical Diagnosis,