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By: Tko  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Website Design, Graphic Design, Web Development

Creative Advertising Concepts

Is an idea clever if no one hears it? 

The art of effective advertising creative is about being able to identify with consumers in the target market and understand how to get through to them. At TKO we don’t try to be too clever for ourselves but rather just clever enough for you to cut through the noise and get the attention and acceptance of the people that matter to you and your business.

Brand Identity Design & Development

Be different.

Whether you require a completely new logo or wish to modernise your existing logo as part of a rebrand, TKO will conceive and develop you a distinctive, effective and professional logo that will create the right impression and expectation in the minds of your target market.

Brand Management

We see ourselves as the guardians of our clients' brands and provide the knowledge, skills and experience beyond those of a designer, printer or media agent to ensure your logo and brand identity is managed consistently and professionally. At TKO brand management focuses on protecting your business' brand value from being eroded by use of inferior quality logo and brand identity files, inaccurate rendering, tampering, omissions, poor placement, unwanted associations and loss. Our Brand Management services extend to management of your print and media suppliers and crosses over into marketing planning, marketing strategy and media placement.

Graphic Design

Properly applied, professional design will give your business a sustainable competitive advantage. Adding value using quality design will enable you to command a premium price, more effectively target market and increase the value of your brand.


It's not simply what you say but how you say it that determines the effectiveness of your advertising messages, press releases and editorial. At TKO we have specialist inhouse and contract copywriting practitioners who ensure that your words mean what you want them to mean.

Website Design

Having an online "shopfront" for your business that can gain exposure to and create the right impression amongst your target market is nowadays a critical part of your marketing mix. TKO employs leading website architects and designers able to make your business accessible, visible and desirable. Contact us to view our extensive website design portfolio.

Web Development

TKO has specilaist inhouse web developers that custom build websites as the client requires. Using CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Flash and MySQL databases our developers are highly skilled in developing XHTML and Flash, websites and web applications for all the leading browsers and media players. All TKO sites incorporate leading Content Mangement System technology that allows you to manage the content of your website in real time. For detailed information of the web services available please contact us.

Keywords: Brand Management, Graphic Design, Logo, Web Development, Website Design