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By: The Diff Shop  05-Apr-2012

Diff conversion:

For race cars street cars hot rods high performance 4-link rear ends etc.

Race gear box:

Hand rebuilds for precise work man ship. Straight cut and dog box kits fitted selector and linkage rebuild and fully rod ended or rose jointed and after market kit units fitted for that accurate gear change.

Muncie, Holengers, Texamatic, Tremak, Top loaders super T10s, Saginals, Richmonds and many more.

Diff straightening:

You need to ensure that your diff housing is running true through the center and after years of abuse or welding on the housing for modifications the housing can bow at each end, which will run your rear wheels on strange angles and wear your tyres out on the wrong places and put extra load on your wheel bearings. We have a jig setup to repair this problem and other methods of setting up your rear Diff housing back true.

Ratio changes:

After modification of your vehicle whether it be engine, auto to manual, tyre size change or whatever you do your ratio may alter and not suit your needs. So we can offer you some options, for more get up and go on take off or for pulling loads on a little less boggie and some longer legs on the open road. It's just a matter of getting another ratio crown and pin and fitting it to your vehicle and this will alter your speed / rev's to your required rate.

Other services are:

Disc brake conversion
Drive shaft repairs / universal joint replacements, balancing, lengthening or shortening
Restoration work
Axle alterations lengthen / shorten
Hosing alterations lengthen / shorten
Diff oil coolers and pumps
Back hats bigger for more oil capacity to cool running temperature down
4WD Breather tubes extended to keep water out or an air pump fitted to hold around 4psi to pressure your housing to make sure no water can get in


Hi-lux, Hi-ace, surf, land cruiser etc.
Full bearing-kits available
Seals pinion, axle, wheel bearin kits
Collapsable spacers or solid LSD units
Crown wheel and pinions
I.F.S. performance parts

We have been dealing with these Diffs for many years now and have established how to maximise there limited slip and produce more rear / front drive for those towing, mud plugs or farming uses. Also race / rally covered for all applciations.

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The Diff Shop - products

The electomagnetic locking mechanism of Eaton & locking E locker differential's Field proven design features a potened push button, positive electric locking technology that enhances towing and off road performance. New to order for race / drag / street / speed way or hot rod; a must for that high horse power machine. For all your chey, GM Ford, Toyota, Dana applications. Full axle lock whenever at the push of a button.