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By: The Diff Shop  05-Apr-2012
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  • Posi locker LSD unit (10/12/14 Bolt)
  • For all your chey, GM Ford, Toyota, Dana applications
  • Strong durable and highly recommended
  • Easily fit to any vehicle
  • 1 year factory warranty
  • Eaton E locker differential
  • Full axle lock on demand

The electomagnetic locking mechanism of Eaton & locking E locker differential's Field proven design features a potened push button, positive electric locking technology that enhances towing and off road performance. Full axle lock whenever at the push of a button.

Redline oil:

  • Gear oils
  • Motor oils
  • Race oils
  • ATF oil
  • Suspension fluid
  • Water wetter
  • Fuel / Diesel additives
  • Two stroke oils
  • Grease / Lubricants

Your differential needs the correct lubricant to optimise maximam potential. Redline has a wide variety of products of any job. We hold all stock here ready for your requirements.

  • Non-stop truckon
  • All makes and models
  • We can fit and supply


  • Crown wheel and pinion # street, # performance, wide range of makes and models, huge range of ratios.
    1. Lightened gears
    2. Pro gears
    3. Pro gears lightened
  • Gear boxes:
    1. New to order for race / drag / street / speed way or hot rod; a must for that high horse power machine
    2. Plus kits to rebuild your gear boxes available and straight cut or dog box kit also available
    3. Full spools / mini spools
    4. Quick change all ratios

POWERTRAX and LOCKRIGHT locker units are readily available at reasonable prices.

The powertrax no-slip traction system is for off road on road 4WD's or rally / tagar race cars, a little more smooth and less harsh with more spring retention and angled locking dog teeth.

The LOCKRIGHT is for the more severe 4WD / race car that is abused at all times.

Both very good units are respected all over the world.


We do a huge range of new and used parts. For these products, the worlds most used and abused Differentials.

The ford 8" / 9" Diffs are all about 20-40 yrs old now so are in need of that much awaited rebuild. So we stock all new parts from standard ford to street race, lightened to full alloy DISC' to DISC Drag race or road high performance units.

Also we provide axles, LSD lockers spools/ mini, housing crwlpin etc.

The Ford 8" 4spider LSD unit:

The ford 8" only came out with a 2 spider limited slip unit that was adequate for standard use but with today's technology the horspe / tourqe power curves have gone up so the units aren't so appropriate anymore. So through some Research and Development we have come with a new unit. The 4spider track lock that has the same strength as going to the Ford 9", as this saves weight and room. It is a great way to beef up your Ford 8" rear end. These units can be set from 80-250 ft pbls of break away fourque depending on the application needed (28/31 spl).


  • Ford
  • Motive gear
  • Richmond
  • Moser
  • Miserio
  • 9 " +
  • Summit
  • Competition engineering
  • Superior axle & gear

Mini spools (28/31 spl).

Full spools (28/31 spl) & (33/35 spl).

Ford 9" LSD.

Full rebuild kits, all new gears pins plates and steel end plate caps available.

Keywords: Research and Development

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You need to ensure that your diff housing is running true through the center and after years of abuse or welding on the housing for modifications the housing can bow at each end, which will run your rear wheels on strange angles and wear your tyres out on the wrong places and put extra load on your wheel bearings.