By: Tech  05-Apr-2012

We offer a range of general IT services:

Setup New Equipment
Supply and setup of new computer equipment

Breakages and Damage to Computer Equipment 
If something breaks we come and fix it for you

Setup of software
We can get your business systems running properly

Software Supply
We can supply you with Anti-virus software, Microsoft Office packages and a range of other software. If we do not sell the package we can usually put you in touch with whoever does sell it and assist you with setting it up if necessary.

We can supply you with a fully automated and monitored backup system that you never have to touch. We can also setup backup systems that you run yourself.

Server configuration and support
We are experts in setting up and running Microsoft Server products for small businesses.

Networking Services
We can review your network infrastructure (in English that is your internet connection and how your local computers talk to each other) and advise on any problems. We can fix small cabling problems ourselves and have cabling specialists on call for large jobs and very complex diagnostics.

Network Planning
If you are moving to new premises we can plan and design your new network for phone, data and media. We feel so strongly about this that we do it for our customers for free. From our perspective there is nothing worse than showing up at a clients new building and finding out that the network has not been set up properly (this happens more often than not unfortunately). Once the gib goes up it is either expensive or ugly to add network services. If you let us we’ll walk through the new premises with you and the builder/project manager before gibbing and plan what services you will need for free.

Wireless Systems
We can supply and setup secure and reliable wireless systems so your laptops and smartphones can do their thing. Including setting up paid wireless distribution systems for Motels, Cafes, etc

System Integration
That’s a fancy way of saying put all the bits together and get them talking to each other

Project Management
If you are looking at implementing new software systems or specialised equipment we can work alongside your specialist suppliers to manage the integration. This can be very useful because we speak the same geek language as the specialists and often pick up potential problems that you may miss as a client before they turn into expensive disasters.

Internet Usage Audits
We can track what your staff are doing online if that becomes necessary (e.g. in the instance of an impending employment dispute).