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By: Synergy Health  05-Apr-2012

Congratulations to Heinz Watties (NZ) Limited who have just been awarded as this year’s Global Corporate Challenge® (GCC) “Most Active Organisation” within NZ.

Heinz Watties are passionate about supporting their employees health. Through their commitment to the GCC programme, over the 16 week challenge, below you can see just a few of the results that the GCC participants from Heinz Watties NZ Ltd achieved:

- 88% of their staff walking over the W.H.O recommendation of 10,000 steps per day

- 87% of staff reporting an increase in their overall health

- 44% of staff reporting that they lost weight (with an average weight loss of 3.8kg)

- A company step average of 15,224 (that’s 9.74km per day!!)

- 40% of staff reporting they took fewer sick days over the 16 week challenge.

As last year’s winner of the Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce Workfit Award, not only did Heinz Watties encourage their own staff to participate in the GCC, they also directly challenged other local Hawkes Bay businesses to participate in the challenge in the bid for ‘Better Business Health’ which 15 additional businesses openly accepted.

Congratulations once again to Heinz Watties NZ Ltd. on these fantastic results and their drive for Better Business Health!