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By: Supercallsaver  06-Dec-2011

Getting the cheapest long distance phone rates won’t always save you the most money!

If you are in the USA, you need to compare many U.S. long distance phone service, international calling plans and U.S. & international calling cards (including rechargeable prepaid phone cards) providers, to be sure that what looks like a good cheap calling plan deal, doesn’t turn out to have many hidden fees!

There are many good local phone service providers that provided plans, bundled with unlimited long distance calling, discount conference calling, U.S. and international cell phone services, international callback, international long distance plans, unlimited VoIP phone service, toll free 800 phone numbers, cheap dial-up internet service, high speed DSL, satellite TV deals and much more!

Though saving money on your phone bill is not as easy as many people are led to believe. Gimmicks, hidden fees, and surcharges often cloud the truth behind advertised rates. We are always carefully researching many phone plans and other telecommunications and technology-based services and are gathering together the best on this website.

Simplicity and straightforward pricing plans are what you will find here at Super Call Saver. We invite individuals and businesses to review the savings found here. The easiest way to improve the profitability of your business is to reduce overhead costs; such as long distance and other phone expenses.

Please bookmark this site and return often, as we’ll be continually be adding information rich Calling Plan reviews on a regular basis.