Apex Finace

By: Sungard  06-Dec-2011

Apex Finace supports the following business areas:

All modules are based on the position-focused horizontal Apex Finace platform. The business specific modules can all be purchased independently. The modular product approach ensures that our customers only pay for what they really need.

Furthermore, additional or modified functionality can be built individually for our customers quickly and at a competitive price.

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SunGard Securities Finance | Securities Finance Resources

SunGard provides a comprehensive suite of securities finance solutions: from trade initiation through to final return; including order routing, trading, position management, operations, accounting, settlement, transaction analytics and benchmarking and trade automation services. Customers all over the world rely on SunGard to fulfill their securities finance business needs.


SunGard Apex | a global solution for front, middle and back office processing of securities finance transactions

If you are a beneficial owner, hedge fund, asset manager, agent and third party lender, intermediary or broker, Apex helps you to achieve efficiencies, drive down costs and optimize operations. Value-added Maximum automation and use of exception processing results in efficient and cost effective trade operational lifecycle, freeing up your time to focus on value-added activities.


SunGard Astec Analytics | market information solutions for the global securities financing industry

Drawing on a powerful database of six years of daily transaction data, Astec offers analytic solutions for trading, performance measurement and program management in the securities lending industry. SunGard's Astec Analytics delivers valuable market information and benchmarking tools to financial institutions interested in securities borrowing and lending and short selling.



Loanet is the leading application service provider to the North American securities lending industry, supporting 175 firms representing approximately 400 DTCC participants with over 2500 users. SmartLoan, securities lending, trading and inventory management, locates, collateral optimization, regulatory and compliance, operations and settlement, reporting.


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A suite of application modules comes together to create an integrated solution to help meet the needs of the international securities financing, covering principle and agency trading and settlement. Simplify trading Handle principal and agency trading structures for equities and fixed income products, improving automation across the securities finance trade lifecycle.


SunGard Martini | an International securities lending and repo trading solution from SunGard’s Securities Finance

Offering a global, real-time platform for all your bond- and equity-financing needs, Martini Integrates trading, risk, and P&L calculations, allowing you to take control of your bond and equity financing. One platform, multiple trades Martini supports every trade type, covering repo and securities lending markets, across equity and debt in multiple currencies, so improving control of operational processes.


SunGard WorldLend | a US domestic securities lending solution for custodians

DTCC Settlement Enables direct DTCC settlement via DTCC MQ messaging facility and uses ‘Switch Processing’ to maintain segregation of securities available to lend, thereby maximising portfolio usage and reducing operational overheads. Collateral management Supports the processing of loans against cash and non-cash collateral, including letter of credit, tri-party, and bonds borrowed, for specific and pooled collateral.