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By: Srit  06-Dec-2011

There is no denying the increase in usage of mobile phones, palmtops and other such devices in our daily lives. We, at SRIT, realize the potential of technological advancement in these areas is more than just the call of the day. To achieve increased productivity in any field, we need continuous innovation to go for more intricate and sophisticated technology in both hardware and software designs.

Our services include System Design and Architecture, Software Engineering, Embedded Systems, Networking, DSP, FPGA Design Services and Multimedia. Our competencies include

  • System Design and Architecture
    1. High-speed Hardware Design for X86, MIPS, ARM, SH, IXP, Media  Processors, Network Processors, MPEG Engines
    2. Porting of S/W and state machine algorithms on FPGA’s, etc.
    1. Firmware development for microcontrollers and applications
    2. System software for consumer electronics, audio/video and Internet  appliances
    3. Drivers for high speed buses like PCI and cPCI
    4. Writing of physical and logical drivers for storage and application specific  ASICS, etc.
  • Embedded Systems, Networking
    1. System requirement capturing and analysis for communication/multimedia  devices
    2. Hardware/software development of embedded (communication/ multimedia)
    3. Portable/Internet enabled devices, dedicated data acquisitions and control system applications
    1. Complex System Design, Stand Alone/Rack mounted
    2. Hardware packet acceleration, flow control & QOS (Quality of Service) algorithms
    3. Wire speed designs on  Fiber/copper, other Interfaces
    4. Access, aggregation, security devices
    5. Routing,  TCP/IP & Ethernet Protocol Stack Porting
    6. Power Management, Redundant, Designs
  • Digital Signal Processing
    1. DSP based hardware and software for audio/video application
    2. MPEG Transcoders
    3. MPEG2/4 applications like Interactivity, PVR
    4. Coding and Compression (Audio, Video, Imaging, and Multimedia)
    5. Error Control, Security, Data Integrity, MPEG Audio/Video processing
    1. Application specific embedded solutions
    2. Full flow FPGA Design
    3. VHDL Coding
    4. Function / Timing Simulation
    5. Verification – Test bench
    6. Synthesis Using Quartus tools, Synplicity, ISE
    7. P & R
    8. Evaluation boards
    1. MPEG2 /MPEG4 transcoding
    2. PVR, EPG, IP, MHP
    3. Stream Transcoding
    4. VOD Software

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