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By: Southern Monograms  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Embroidery, Promotional Clothing, Staff Uniforms

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Promotional or logoed uniform clothing is not created equal. Suppliers are not equal in their ability to give you the advice needed to make a good decision for your "wearable advertising".Which do you choose? Should you use embriodery, screen print, digi print for your logo? What caps, hats, warm beanie, polos, tee, work shirts, corporate wear, jacket or hi viz? Should the garment be cotton, poly cotton or dri-fit polyester? How should your monogramed logo look? Will it be suitable for winter, spring, autumn or summer?

Southern Monograms will help you reach the best result to find your uniform, business and promotional order needs.

Unless you are a uniform monogram logo expert yourself money and time could be wasted either learning enough to make a good decision or cleaning up after a bad embriodery, screen-print or garment call.

There are five things you should think about before you decide on the right business and team uniform, garment, monogramed beanies, embriodered logos or screen-printed garments for you.

Five things to think about before purchasing your promotional clothing.

    Why look the same as your competitors? The purpose of your promotional clothing or "team" wear is to stand out from the crowd of other businesses or teams with whom you compete. If you are supporting your brand through a consistent image across all of your marketing media you ought to have that image displayed through the clothes that your customers, staff or team wear. The boldest statement you will make is the one corporate uniform worn out with pride by the people you work, supply or play with.

    All of this means you need a promotional clothing supplier that has both the range of garments and design capability to support your marketing efforts and clearly establish your unique and visible difference.

    At Southern Monograms we source a broad range of clothing from many different suppliers. This gives you a choice and enables you to create a unique team identity. If there isn't anything suitable from our ready-made range we have a custom-made service.

    At Southern Monograms we use a state of the art embriodery digitising system to ensure that your logo, brand or design is transferred into an embroidered image in the closest possible manner to the original concept.

    At Southern Monograms we consult with our clients and determine the purpose and circumstances that the promotional clothing will be worn in. Our goal is to make it fit for purpose using the right fabrics.

    Once you have established the look that works for your image your garments need to be able to stand up to the rigors of constant wear, in sometimes-difficult circumstances, and regular washing.

    To be effective your garment needs to be worn. If your staff, team or customers are uncomfortable wearing the garment then it is unlikely to be an effective promotional tool for you as it will not be worn and, therefore, not be seen.

    Your promotional clothing supplier should be able to point you in the direction of the right garment for the right situation. Clothing suitable for one of the boys working outside in the yard will not be suitable for your sales rep meeting and servicing clients.

    Southern Monograms predominately use polyester embroidery thread. This type of thread retains its colour better than others at high wash temperatures. This is especially important for sportswear, aprons, overalls and other garments that are commercially laundered. Your embroidered logo will usually out last the item it is embroidered onto.

    You have a million things going through your mind during your working day. Your time is valuable. As always there will be a deadline to get the job done.

    You really want don't need worries or increase the time required to get your job done. The time it takes to get your order organised and delivered is an important consideration in your choice of supplier.

    At Southern Monograms we use a state of the art digitising system to ensure that embroidery programmes are produced quickly prior to production runs. We have the latest in embroidery machines and auxiliary equipment this helps us give the quickest possible delivery to our clients. We are committed to meeting any production promises that we make.

    Re-ordering is simple as we keep all records of previous jobs on our computer system. If we are unsure we will contact you to make certain that everything is produced in the way that you expect.

    Often, the "wearable" part of your marketing strategy is just an afterthought. It's not something that enters your graphic designer's mind during the critical design process. Then, when the idea of promotional clothing finally reaches daylight, no adjustments are made to colours or the logo to cope with the limitations imposed by fashion or the nature of clothing. That unique image you have carefully nurtured is at risk of being "watered down".

    We can usually convert designs from paper to embroidery without too much fuss. Where changes need to be made to cope with the limitations of embroidery we consult with our clients and suggest ways of adjusting your design.

    Some of the world's leading clothing brands are very simple logos; consider Nike, Adidas and Canterbury, even Coca-Cola is a reasonably simple design that is recognised globally.

    Remember, if you don't want to be disappointed with your promotional clothing, your choice of supplier and installer is the first and most important decision you will make.

    Not all suppliers are equal in their ability to provide you with the right advice and the best clothing for your needs. However, there is not much difference between the prices of the suppliers in the market. Someone's getting ripped off. Don't let it be you.

Keywords: Embroidery, Promotional Clothing, Staff Uniforms

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