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By: Southern Eye Specialists  05-Apr-2012
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Our motto and our aim is to provide ‘Expert care for all eye conditions’.  Southern Eye Specialists provides comprehensive eye care through its experienced staff, high quality equipment and a continuing improvement to process in the delivery of eye care for you, our patients.

The high quality equipment at Southern Eye Specialists supports the clinical professionals by providing:-

Eye Pressure

Automatic refraction (measuring the refractive state of your eyes), pachymetry (measuring the thickness of your cornea), eye pressure measurement (all adult patients are assessed for risk factors for glaucoma), in addition to standard tests of vision.

Pre-Surgery Eye Measurements

Axial length and keratometry measurements using both the laser based IOL Master and by ultrasound.  All patients requiring cataract surgery can have the important eye measurements done by two different modalities to give the best possible accuracy in determining the IOL power.

Visual Field Testing

Automatic visual field testing is provided using the Humphrey perimeter which is a computerised assessment of your peripheral side vision. Reproducible testing of your peripheral vision is very important for glaucoma and is also important in neurological diseases.

Macula & Optic Nerve Scanning

OCT stands for Ocular Coherent Tomography. SES has the very latest OCT machine with the latest software to provide laser scanning of the back of your eye, particularly the macula and the optic nerve. An OCT scan is very important in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases of the macula and optic nerve.

Fundus Photography

Fundus photography is provided at Southern Eye Specialists and is the only private facility in the South Island that has this facility. Photography and fluorescein angiography is undertaken for retinal diseases including diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration and inflammatory and vascular diseases of the retina. Photography is also very important to monitor the tumours that can occur inside your eye.

Photodynamic Therapy

Southern Eye Specialists has the only specialised PDT Laser for photodynamic therapy in the South Island. It is a very specialised form of treatment for vascular diseases of the macula including special cases of age related macular degeneration.

Laser Treatment

A YAG laser is available for treatment of certain eye diseases, particularly a cloudiness of the lens capsule that may develop months or years after a successful cataract surgery. It is also used sometimes in glaucoma. It is a painless and quick treatment that can substantially improve your eyesight following cataract surgery or help control your glaucoma in special circumstances.

Eye Surgery

A high quality theatre is available at Southern Eye Specialists for minor eyelid surgery and to remove abnormalities from the surface of your eye including a pterygium or a pingueculum. Cosmetic surgery is also undertaken. Sterility is assured for minor surgery with the use of a proper vacuum assisted autoclave providing the same high standard as any main hospital theatre.


Southern Eye Specialists is essentially a service company to allow the Eye Specialists to provide a high quality service to their patients through the use of this expensive equipment.

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