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By: Rebirth Resoles  06-Dec-2011
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Rock Climbing shoes have 2 general areas where problems can occur. The climbing style and regularity of the individual climber can vary as to how the shoes wear. The first place problems occur is the sole and second is the rand. The rand is the rubber that lies on the side of the shoes and wraps around the toe. It is folded under the shoes and the sole is glued and pressed over it.

Wearing generally occurs in the toe area of the rand evidenced by holes or dents. Wear is also common on the front part of the sole (from the ball of the foot forward).

Rebirth Resoles offers resoles (sole only for $27.50 per shoe). We do toe caps (replacing the part of the rand that is worn out for $17.50 per shoe). Note: Any toe cap requires a sole as well.

Service Costs:

Full Resole Package Both Shoes (Sole & Rand) NZD $90.00
1 x Sole NZD $27.50
2 x Soles NZD $55.00

Plus Postage and Packaging NZD $6.00 (if you are mailing your order).

We offer a nationwide mail service. Alternatively you can contact me directly to arrange dropping them off if in Christchurch.

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Keywords: Rock Climbing, Shoes

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