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By: Rcs  06-Dec-2011
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  • Digital Automation Designed By Radio

    RCS introduces the most advanced digital automation system, Zetta ®. Having a vast consumer knowledge base and real in-studio usage helped the designers of Zetta create a software solution more advanced, extremely reliable, comfortably intuitive and expediently flexible.

  • Trusted Flexible Digital Studio

    The most widely used radio automation software in the United States is NexGen. Over 2500 stations use NexGen Digital to play every minute of their audio every day.

  • Selector - smart digital on-air automation system

    Master Control SQL is the only automation system that is Selector-smart and communicates constantly with your music scheduler Selector SQL. This means when you make a change, it automatically appears on the log and in the studio.

  • Radio in a Box ®

    Finally a software package aimed at small market stations, college stations, and Internet stations. Player101 fills that need. This highly professional less expensive radio automation software gives you the basics. We call it Radio In A Box™ and within minutes you can be up and running and on the air.

  • Music Scheduling Reinvented ®

    GSelector is the world's first goal music scheduler perfect for the diverse ways radio programmers deliver their stations to the audience: Satellite, HD, DAB or Internet. Faster, better and more powerful than any other scheduling program.

  • The world's most popular music scheduler

    Selector SQL handles thousands of possible programming philosophies and format permutations with its rules-based scheduling engine. With the Selector SQL model you can also playback audio, rip songs and analyze your music.

  • Promo Scheduling

    Linker SQL is the world's most widely-used promo scheduler and the companion product to Selector music scheduling. Handle the often overlooked, but critically important non-musical elements on your station.

  • Radio Visualized

    Enhance your station's programming on the air, in the car, on the Web and on a hand-held device with RCS Radioshow. Use today's latest technology to reach more listeners in more ways.

  • Interactive Web Streaming

    iSelector is a personalized online player, streaming the custom content provided by a radio station or record label directly to each of your listeners.

  • Write Better News™

    RCSnews™ is a state-of-the-art radio newsroom system, providing solutions for your entire news operation from newscast gathering, writing and editing to actual on-air broadcast and story archiving.

  • Logging, Skimming and Archiving

    Record airchecks, recycle promotions, save entire shows, or keep tabs on the competition with Tracker ®. Access data from a log to pinpoint specific breaks, bits or spots you want to review from any Internet ready computer.

  • Ripping, Identifying and Analyzing

    Extract a perfect digital copy of an original CD track in a fraction of real time and then "Selector-ize" your audio. Smart Ripper identifies and then adds the song title, artist, album name, length, type of ending, runtime and beats per minute automatically.

  • Same Day Online Media Information

    The nation's leading broadcast monitoring and verification service for broadcasters, print media, media investment companies and advertising agencies.

  • Station Contests Made Easy

    With PrizeWatch you manage contests and prizes and save time. It's your No Fuss, No Hassle, paperless software program that takes the complication out of contests.

  • The New Traffic System Starts Here

    This powerful and highly flexible Traffic system is designed for local and national sized radio businesses. With its modern user interface, real-time access to sales/inventory data, and a vast range of scheduling, billing, and reporting options. Aquira is the innovative solution to all your traffic needs.

  • The Software Solution for Scheduling and Invoicing

    Airwaves Traffic controls commercial scheduling and invoicing, edits and stores scripts, provides instant sales and revenue projection reports. It manages clients, contacts and client calls.

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