Ravensdown Seed

By: Ravensdown  06-Dec-2011

The Company

Cropmark Seeds Ltd specialises in the business of breeding and marketing pasture varieties that offer customers very real performance advantages, through improving their livestock performance, farming systems and bottom line results.

Product portfolio

In line with its philosophy of ‘only the best’, Cropmark Seeds markets a range of leading proprietary pasture, turf, brassica and cereal varieties. Highest quality, high-yielding varieties are bred to deliver improved yield, higher nutritional values and disease resistance, coupled with the ability to provide more quality forage when most needed. Varieties such as Matrix, Revolution, Ultra, Kai, Sonik, Zoom™ and Grasslands Demand have forged leading reputations on farms throughout New Zealand.

Intensive trialling

Each year, Cropmark Seeds runs on average 20 on-farm trials at sites throughout New Zealand and 12 throughout Victoria to thoroughly evaluate its varieties under real farming conditions, for factors such as total yield, seasonal yield, forage quality, persistence and disease resistance. Only the very highest performing varieties are commercialised providing they perform to the company’s stringent selection standards.

Other products and services from Ravensdown


Ravensdown Agrochemicals

Ravensdown provides a range of Agrochemicals for use in a wide range of farming situations, including herbicides, inseticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, adjuvants, slug control and accessories. Whether a surfactant for penetration and uptake, or a dye or foam marker to avoid double sprays, the correct selection and use of an adjuvant gives more economical and effective agrochemical application.


Ravensdown fertiliser products

Many factors influence the nutrient requirements of individual farms and Ravensdown have a range of products to suit, cropping, dairy, drystock, horticultural and lifestyle farms. Ravensdown sources and manufactures high quality products so you get the best value. The minimum order is one tonne for bulk and two tonnes for bagged mixes.


Ravensdown Animal Health

Improve productivity with our animal health range including anthelmintics, minerals and vitamins, ectoparasiticides (lice & fly), bloat remedy, teat sprays, flavour agent and applicator guns. Prevention using Ravensdown magnesium supplements is very effective and cost-effective in preventing disease and lost production. Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common problem in lambs and causes reduced appetite and growth rates.