By: Rare Fare  05-Apr-2012

Glenange Scottish Highland Beef

Lee and Donald Whyte’s Highland Beef is our answer to today's market demand for beef low in fat and cholesterol, but high in taste and tenderness.The Highland's double coat means a lesser layer of external fat than most types of beef. The meat is marbled and finely grained, making it succulent and tender.

The Highland beef we sell at Rare Fare follows a Quality Paddock to Plate programme being born and bred in the mid-Canterbury high country and grass fed. It is transported direct to the plant and locally processed, which ensures minimum stress. It is then naturally aged for 10 days before being  vacuum packed and sold.

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Akaroa Salmon

Akaroa Salmon pride themselves on supplying the freshest and highest quality salmon. Akaroa Salmon is an exclusive brand and is not available in any supermarkets. They pack and produce fresh and smoked salmon at their factory. They supply many of New Zealand top Chefs.


sweetbriar merino x lamb

Crossing a merino ewe with a black face sire results in a lamb with better muscle conformation and the combination of the two, we believe, is the best tasting lamb in New Zealand. The merino is slower maturing and has a fine grain texture to its meat. The fine texture gives a greater depth of flavour and tenderness.



All birds are transported to the processing plant in a humane way well within the guidelines set by the Animal Welfare Act. They do not use any growth promotants or hormones in the feed, which has also been heat treated to prevent salmonella. Cantervalley birds are grown with natural daylight and in naturally ventilated barns where they are free to roam.