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By: Quasar Systems  06-Dec-2011

Featuring on-board displays of transformer winding temperatures, the Intelligent Transformer Temperature Monitor, also has analogue outputs, plus serial and Ethernet communication ports for SCADA via DNP3, DNPi, Modbus, Modbus TCP and ION protocols.

Reports statistical data such as over-temperature, time and date the temperature exceeded the set value, how long it remained above the set value, what its maximum value was, which winding it was, and other important information.

Multiple fan control, and 30-day on-board logging of historical data offer stand-alone features available on in intelligent devices.

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Quasarâ??s solutions using the PowerLogic products are giving energy suppliers and consumers a unique level of insight into every energy-related cost, risk and opportunity. PowerLogic from Schneider Electric is the worldâ??s largest and most advanced range of products for power and energy management.


Quasar Systems - Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS

The ION intelligent metering and control devices offer revenue-certified power, energy, demand, time-of-use metering and true power quality analysis, with direct connect to a corporate LAN/WAN or Internet. They are ideal for energy management, outage avoidance, demand control and more; recording transients, harmonics, sag/swells, waveforms and load trends.


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Power downtime can result in repercussions throughout an organization, including huge financial costs of damaged equipment, wasted materials, and lost productivity. Sags, transients, outages, harmonics or poor power factor can cost a company tens, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars â?. Production time and data may be lost, employees are left idle, equipment is damaged.


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Quasar is proud to be New Zealand and Australian agent for the PrimeStone Suite of Enterprise Class Market Reconciliation Meter Data Management applications. PrimeRead is a more flexible, scalable and reliable solution for automated, multi-vendor meter data collection.