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By: Quantum Grow  06-Dec-2011

NFT Group and Sutol AP has a wide range of commercial grade consumable products for the Home Gardener. 

They ensure that the products have been tried and tested on a commercial basis before packaging and offering to the Home Gardener.  This enables us to stand behind our products and confidently say that they work.


NFT Group 

for experimental purposes or for domestic growers who only want a small system to grow their own vegetables.

Many growers who live in a very warm or very cold climates

before committing to the cost of a large commercial scale system.  By trialling a small system first, a grower is able to achieve the following:

  • The grower is able to build their growing skills prior to the purchase of a larger system.
  • The grower can identify any issues that may be associated with growing different plant varieties in their climate using a hydroponic system.  This will assist in plant selection and it will also allow the grower to determine whether further environmental control may be necessary for their climate (eg. cooling systems, shade screens)
  • The actual productivity of each plant variety can be determined for a particular climate.  this knowledge will assist the grower with their negotiations with fresh produce buyers during the market development process.
  • Fresh produce grown in the kitset hydroponic system can be presented to potential buyers for their opinion.  The buyer may be a chef who could offer the grower some valuable feedback on how the hydroponically grown product compares to imported produce.  This information will allow the grower to make an informed decision on what plant varieties and growing techniques need to be used to capture their target market.

NFT Group and Sutol AP can also tailor make a small system to suit any area.  Just let us know the dimensions of your outside growing area or greenhouse (length x width) or the number of plants you want to grow and we would be happy to design a kitset hydroponic system for you.

with your specifications.  Alternatively


Each NFT kitset garden priced below will include the following items:

  • 100 x 50mm or 150 x 75mm gully
  • Feed and return pipe work
  • Pump and associated equipment
  • Plant Holes
  • Growpots
  • Growing Media
  • Nutrient Pack

The following items are able to be purchase separately:

The systems using the 100 x 50mm Gully are suitable for leafy crops such as Lettuces, Herbs.  They can also be used for strawberries and some flowering crops.

The systems using the larger 150 x 75 gully are suitable for a combination of vine crops and leafy crops grown at a medium nutrient strength.  These include lettuces, herbs, strawberries & flowers, capsicums, tomatoes, beans, broccoli, cabbage.



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