Q Brand Agency New Zealand

By: Q Brand Agency  06-Dec-2011

Precise Thinking

Our work is strategic, thought out, and deliberate. If you want someone who just produces pretty pictures, then we probably aren’t quite right for you. But if you’re after precise, intelligent and perfected marketing ideas combined with intelligent design then we’re waiting for your call. We’ll start by understanding who you are and what you think you need, then we’ll deliver what we know will stand the test of time in a world of advertising clutter, and specific to the audience you are trying to reach.

Design and Advertising

We get out of bed because we love creating. The pictures, messages, concepts and ideas are the salt we add to your project.   We balance our creativity with a sound eye on your business needs and create advertising that builds brands rather than adding to the noise in the rat race.

Client Services

Having one of our Account Directors working on your account is like having another person working for you. We'll do anything short of doing your ironing to ensure the budgets are met, the ads are in the right newspapers and everything involved in your project from the initial phone call through to the celebratory drinks at the bar are always under control. You won’t find a team who does it better.