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Keywords: Frost Protection, Commercial Growers, Thermal Blanket

This incredibly versatile crop cover is used to protect crops and plants from frost, heavy rain, hail, cool winds, flying insects and birds.
Mikroclima is also used to create an ideal growing environment which promotes growth and yield while extending growing seasons.

Manufactured in Italy, Mikroclima is knitted from thin strips of strong - but very light - transparent UV stabilised polyethylene thread.

Mikroclima is permeable to air and water creating an ideal growing environment.

It retains its strength when wet or frosty and resists unravelling or tearing.

If care is taken in the handling and storing of Mikroclima it will last several years.

Mikroclima weighs approx. 36 grams/sqm, provides shading of around 16% and will give frost protection of 2-6° depending on local conditions and humidity.

Commercial Growers use Mikroclima directly on many crops such as winter lettuce, silverbeet and radish to protect from cold weather and birds, to shorten time until harvest and to extend the growing season.

Frames or cloches can be used to raise the cover over more valuable crops such as peppers, melons and ground tomatoes.

Nurseries use Mikroclima as a throw over protective cover or fixed over frames or cloche hoops to give protection from cold winds, heavy rain, hail and frosts.

Plants nurtured in a protected or heated environment may be placed under Mikroclima to ‘harden up’ in a semi protected environment before sale.

Flower Growers use Mikroclima for protection from cold and frost, either over structures or hoops or as a thermal blanket installed inside a glass or plastic house to defuse light, slow down heat loss and reduce condensation.

Home Gardeners benefit from the multiple advantages Mikroclima gives in protecting and promoting growth.
Fantastic growing condition can be acheived using cloches set up in garden plot or with raised beds.

MIKROCLIMA® is available in rolls of:
2m x 100m, 2m x 500m, 3m x 100m, 3m x 500m, 4m x 100m, 4m x 250m,
6m x 100m, 8m x 100m, 8m x 200m, 12m x 100m & 16m x 100mMIKROCLIMA® is available in Home Gardener Packs: 2m x 10m, 3m x 7m & 4m x 5m
MIKROCLIMA® is also available in cut lengths 2m, 3m and 4m wide.

Keywords: Commercial Growers, Frost Protection, Thermal Blanket

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We supply Butterfly clips and/or Ground Staples for fastening Mikroclima and offer four different sizes of Fibreglass Rods for the construction of cloches and growing tunnels. Excellent growing conditions can be created by making a half cloche up against a north facing fence or wall. Holes can be drilled into timber pegs or the timber sides of a raised garden to support the rods firmly.