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By: Polynet  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Crop Protection, High Tensile, Galvanised Steel

We supply Butterfly clips and/or Ground Staples for fastening Mikroclima and offer four different sizes of Fibreglass Rods for the construction of cloches and growing tunnels.

A simple cloche may be made by forming hoops from wire, p.v.c. pipe, split cane or fibreglass rod.

Fibreglass rod is the ideal material for this purpose as it is strong, flexible, very smooth and long lasting.
Holes can be drilled into timber pegs or the timber sides of a raised garden to support the rods firmly.
Mikroclima is draped over the hoops, gathered evenly at the ends and tied to end stakes or pegs.
Plastic butterfly clips can then be used to secure the Mikroclima to nails or hooks in the side pegs or timber framing.

Fibreglass Rods - Available in four standard sizes.

1.5m x 5.5mm dia. to span a 0.89m width - space 0.8m - 1.2m apart - 50mm holes
2.1m x 6.8mm dia. to span a 1.24m width - space 1.0m - 1.75m apart- 70mm holes
2.4m x 7.2mm dia. to span a 1.43m width - space 1.2m - 2.0m apart- 80mm holes
3.1m x 9mm dia. to span a 1.87m width - space 1.5m - 2.5m apart- 80mm holes
4.1m x 10mm dia. to span a 2.51m width - space 2.0m - 3.2m apart, best covered with 4m wide Tunnet.

Ideally a perfect semi-circle should be formed by the rods - achieved by using widths and hole depths as above, thus ensuring that the cover can be pulled tight with even tension at both the top and the sides. Rods may be shortened by up to 5% but should not be bent tighter than a perfect semicircle.

Alternatively, excellent growing conditions can be created by making a half cloche up against a north facing fence or wall.

The ideal dimensions for the construction of a cloche using 3m x 7m Mikroclima and 3 x 3.1m fibreglass rods is:
1.9m width, 2m between rods and 1.1m from rods to end pegs.

These components are all available from Polynet Products for the construction of custom crop protection tunnels.

It should be noted however that the Maxi-Cloche has been designed specifically for low height use and unless quite sheltered any higher structures will be subjected to increased wind levels and further engineering advice should be obtained.


Plastic Butterfly clips - RJ Reid type - are available singularly or in bags of 100

Galvanised steel wire Ground Staples - for securing the edges of sheets of Mikroclima or Weedmat.

Available in 2 sizes:
130mm long - carton of 200 staples or bundle of 50 staples.
230mm long - carton of 200 staples or bundle of 50 staples.

Galvanised Steel supports - sold in sets of two.

High tensile Fibreglass rods - 16mm x 5.4m or 19mm x 7.2m

Danline 6mm Poly Rope - coils of 100m, 250m and 500m

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Keywords: Butterfly Clips, Crop Protection, Fibreglass Rods, Galvanised Steel, High Tensile,

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This incredibly versatile crop cover is used to protect crops and plants from frost, heavy rain, hail, cool winds, flying insects and birds.Mikroclima is also used to create an ideal growing environment which promotes growth and yield while extending growing seasons.



Tunnet has been used with great success over a wide range of structures, from small individual shelters to protect shrubs or trees, cloches for vegetable growing, low lying hydroponics and watercress systems to large canopies covering vegetables, flowers and tropical fruit trees.



Polynet Maxi-Cloche is a new cloche system designed by Polynet Products Limited for use by commercial growers and large scale home growers to extend growing seasons, increase yield and to provide protection from pests and extreme weather. Knitted from transparent UV stabilised HD polyethylene thread, Tunnet is permeable to air and water, preventing overheating, excessive humidity and condensation.