Looking Up at Organs and Ceilings

Looking Up at Organs and Ceilings from Pipeline Press

By: Pipeline Press  30-Oct-2015
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In large impressive public spaces, whether a great cathedral, an ancient abbey or a secular concert hall, it is often the pipe organ that first commands the visitor's attention. The 'King of Instruments' with its solidly-wrought, ornate casework and glistening façade pipes, is sufficient in its own right to elicit gasps of awe and wonder. But the organ case is usually only part of a whole harmonious picture. Its grandeur is complemented and completed by the beauty of the surrounding ceiling whether it be fan, barrel or rib-vaulted, highly ornate stone work, or painted wood. It is the context in which the organ is placed and the harmony of the whole that creates the magical effect. Jenny Setchell has captured a variety of thrilling organ façades and crowning glory ceilings; some as old as that in Breda Grote Kerk in the Netherlands which dates back to 1534, through the 18th-century joys of the exuberant baroque era in Bavaria, up to modern instruments built only in the last few decades such as in Willibrordi Cathedral, Wesel. Organ builders over the centuries and in different countries have found creative and artistic solutions to the strictures of architectural styles when installing or rebuilding these glorious structures so that they would harmonise with their surroundings, as well as making the music that is their reason for being. The result is brought together in this fascinating and beautiful book.

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