FlexiGro Product for Home Gardner

By: NFT Group  06-Dec-2011

FlexiGro provides the home gardener with quality commercially proven products for growing at home all year round.

The FlexiGro product range is as natural and organic as possible.  

FlexiGro has been tested and proven to work and grow quality herbs, vegetables and flowers all year round.

Grow together Naturally using FlexiGro as your trusted supplier of products for your home garden.

The product range includes growing media, fertilisers, synergists and home gardener kitsets.

In the aim for proven quality products, FlexiGro have aligned itself and all their products with the 'Lotus Seal of Approval'. The 'Lotus Seal of Approval' is an assurance for all Home Gardner's and Commercial Gardner's that the product and services are compliant with the 'Lotus Way'. 

The 'Lotus Way' is a bench mark of standards that prove the products and services received are of high quality. When products and services meet these standards they are given the 'Lotus Seal of Approval'. 

All the FlexiGro products have been tested and used by commercial growers all over New Zealand to ensure they work.  FlexiGro strive to provide proven, tested, ecofriendly products that we know you can use, and have the 'Lotus Seal of Approval', to ensure that you as Home Gardener's are growing the 'Lotus Way'.

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FlexiGro Consumable Products

FlexiGro have a range of growing consumables for use around your home garden to present a wide range of consumable products that are designed to make growing as easy as possible. The range is forever growing so watch out for new products as they arrive, and keep an eye out for that 'Lotus Seal of Approval. Anything from Weedmat pins through to plant labels and PB Bags.


Home Garden Systems

Every kitset comes with the parts required to set up and start today (except plants) with thorough instructions are included in each kitset for you to follow, Starter Nutrient, Starter Media. The kitsets have been designed to grow all year round when put in the correct environment; somewhere sheltered, gets a large amount of sun light and protected from the wind.



The FlexiGro geotextiles range of products can be used in your home garden, orchard, any steep or sloping bank anywhere you want to protect trees and shrubs from pesky weeds, for soil erosion control and ground remediation. When considering planting your garden, think about the use of a fabric which will reduce the weeds, help with retaining moisture and even erosion.