Geothermal Ground Source Heating - Home & Hot Water, New Zealand

By: Next Energy  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Heating, Home Heating, Heating Solutions

Next Energy have a range of sustainable heating solutions that capture the free energy in the ground, water and air to produce hot water, ideally suited for home heating or domestic hot water. Our solutions are simple, clean and safe and don't pollute the environment, offering the perfect contribution to sustainable living.

Next Energy's solutions use a minimal amount of energy to capture this free natural energy, (3 to 4 times less than traditional diesel and gas heating systems), not just kind on the environment but also kind on your pocket. And as the owner of the land you own the energy source, future proofing against escalating power costs.

Keywords: Heating, Heating Solutions, Home Heating, Sustainable Heating, Sustainable Heating Solutions

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Geothermal Ground Source Heating for New Zealand Homes, Next Energy

Solutions include a comprehensive range of Next Energy Geothermal Solutions which capture the natural energy contained in the ground or water and are ideally suited to colder climates. To complement our Geothermal range and as a solution to those living in warmer regions we also offer highly efficient Air-to-Water Heating, using the natural energy from the air.Â.


Geothermal sustainable renewable heating,New Zealand, Next Energy Ltd

As part of the process of recommending a Solution our Technicians provide valuable advice and guidance on overall energy efficiency, such as enhanced insulation, thermal breaks and glazing options which all contribute to the overall performance of your home heating.


Air to Water Heating, New Zealand, Next Energy

For warmer parts of New Zealand, typically the far North, we have an Air-to-Water heating system which extracts energy from the air and then converts this to heat which is transferred around the property via a water based heating system. An outdoor unit that just captures heat from the air and a unit that is installed inside the home, which houses 95% of the remaining components, which has many significant advantages:Â.