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Supplement  for Senior Dogs from Natural Pets Online

By: Natural Pets Online  31-Oct-2010
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Natural Pets Online KNINE Supplement for Seniors is great for dogs of all age and size who may have some limitations in their joints or movement and lack the vitality they used to have as a younger dog. I can also add in extra herbs to help with stomachs that are more sensitive as they get older (No additional charge).

A natural yet effective blend of herbal/nutritional supplement containing 80 teaspoons and comes with a FREE empty jar to make it easier to dispense it in. Just spoon it from the refill bag into the jar each time you need to top it up. This is suitable for dogs in New Zealand only.

A large refill bag will last a 30kg dog for 12 weeks, and after that an 80 teaspoon bag will last between 4-5 months as a little does go a very long way.

If you wish, please include a few details about your animal, and if possible email a small photo. I can then ensure the Supplement is suitable for your animal or suggest any changes/additions.

Essences available for Senior dogs to help them repair even long term damage.


Start with feeding 1/2 tsp per day.

Gradually increase to 1 teaspoon per 10kg per day, maximum 2 teaspoons per day.

After 3-4 weeks reduce to feeding every other day and decreasing the amount to a level that maintains good health for your animal.

Some large dogs are doing well on just 3 teaspoons a week.


*Kelp - iodine and minerals

*Organic Coconut - anti-bacterial

*Organic Rosemary - anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

*Organic Parsley - diuretic, vitamins and minerals

*Lecithin (non gmo) - fat emulsifier and good brain food

*Vitamin C - ester C for high bio-availability

*Organic Garlic - anti-inflammatory,

*Organic Wheatgrass - vitamin c, anti-oxidant

*Organic Barleygrass - vitamin c, selenium, anti-inflammatory,



The supplement is supplied in dried form and is sprinkled on your dog's feed once per day. All ingredients are organic where possible so a little goes a long way! The supplement is supplied in a foil zip-lock refill bag - this makes it easier to post and handle, and it means the ingredients are freshly blended each week.

Please note that no information here can ever replace that of your veterinarian or specialist.

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