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By: Mussock International  05-Apr-2012

The 'MUSSOCK' System is a combination of :-

1)  A very fast innovative knitting machine
2)  Add-ons and accessories for ease of operation
3)  The very best yarns available, which we have sourced since 1977.

1)  The 'MUSSOCK' Model F1 Knitting Machine has:-

- A small foot print.
- Standard single phase power connection.
- Very low power consumption.
- No need for a mezzanine floor
- Very simply adjusted timer control – auto stop
- Infinitely variable speed control.
- Auto stop for yarn break.

2)The latest add-on is our intergrated-hopper guide which is now permanently fixed to the machine, and is positioned so that the socking loads into the hoppers centrally thereby eliminating possible tangles. The hopper and guide combined, can accommodate up to 10 kg of socking without the need for 'pushing down.'
The circular hoppers can be lined with our heavy duty 'polsocs' for easy handling, stacking and transportation of socking, or can be used 'bare' if loading straight on to your own seeding tubes.

3)The standard yarn we supply is a 1/16 count, super carded natural cotton on 2.5kg cones.  Other counts can be supplied.  Poly/Cotton (15%/85%) in 1/20 count is stocked also.

NB. Production of our standard Auto54.16.350 'MUSSOCK' is about four and a half hours for a 10 kg 'polysac' – depending on the speed setting. 

Tuned for a finer mesh, to suit smaller blue/black mussels, this time will be proportionately longer.

Auto54.16.350  -  54 is the number of meshes around the circumference; 16 is the cotton count; 380 is the 'layflat' in mm, of the socking. The smaller this number the tighter it is on the tubes ie 280 can be made for smaller mussels and 90mm seeding tubes.

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