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Engineers and Solid Fuel Specialists


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Coal Fired Hot Water Boilers

Currently we manufacture models from 500KW - 10MW output. 3-Pass design with large combusution chamber and high thermal efficiency.

And accessories

Steam Boilers

We only service and recondition steam boilers , from 500KW - 10MW output.

Maintenance and repairs on-site, tube replacements, back endplates replacement, certified welding and repairs.

Steam Accumulators

We manufacture accumulators that support 10bar (150psi) presures.

Electric Boilers

We manufacture 5KW - 500KW, element and electrode types.

High-temp Boilers

We manufacture 500KW - 10MW output.

For timber kilns, New Coil Type design for low maintenance and durability. Temps to 200c hot water steam, gas, oil, coal and wood-waste fired variants.

Boiler Spares

Full range of parts stocked inculdes, gaskets, glasses, tube brushes, guage glass mounts, safety valves, steam valves and we also operate a reconditioning and exchange service.

Coal Stokers

Underfeed design and chain grate, for 100KW - 10MW capapcity.

Timber Kilns

Pipe-work, heating coils, steam baths, control valves, kiln trolleys.

Wood-waste Furnaces

We manufacture systems of 500KW - 14MW capacity and combustion systems for retrofit to existing boilers.

And accessories

  • Induced draught fans
  • multiclone grit arrestors
  • heatdumps

Coal & Wood-waste handling systems

Live floors, augers and conveyor systems.

Wood Hoggers

Reduces waste-wood into acceptable sized boiler fuel, systems to handle up 2 cubic/m per hour.

Hot Oil Systems

50KW - 2MW Gas, diesel, coal and wood-waste fired variants.

Heat Exchangers and Econimisers

50KW -1000KW Gas to water, water-water, and oil-water systems.

Heat Recovery Systems

50KW - 1000KW, Utilising waste heat to heat water and air from flues, also condensate recovery.

Air Heaters

50KW - 1000KW, Diesel fired, gas fired, coal fired or wood-waste fired variants.

Energy Conversions

50KW - 15MW, Gas-oil, oil-gas, oil-coal, gas-coal, gas-wood-waste, coal-wood-waste.


Forced draught 500 CFM - 5000CFM ( cubic feet per min) and Induced draught 1000CFM - 20000 CFM.

Greenhouse Systems

Pipe-work design and installations.

Site Installations

Steam and hot water systems, certified pipework 'Asme IX'.

Aeroplane Hangers

Physical sizes up to 20x20 Meters.

Bi-fold Hanger Doors

Up to 15x6 Meters, motorised or manual variants.

Wool Sorting Machinery

Pannex design, automatically sorts wool into 3 different grades.

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