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By: Mmpo  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Pregnancy, Midwives, Practice Management

Our midwives will give you a comprehensive set of MMPO Maternity Notes. These notes come in book form and allow you to have ongoing information on your pregnancy and a journal of your health and welbeing throughout the childbearing experience

Consumer feedback on the use of these notes includes feeling that the records were mine and, that with them I was in control and the midwife was helping me. [The notes] gave me just a huge feeling of safety in terms of, if my midwife was away, that if anything went wrong, I knew that I had all the information. She noted that some friends were upset that they didn't have their own set of notes.

I referred to them the whole way through my pregnancy and friends that were pregnant at about the same time that didn't have these notes were upset that they didn't have them too. Because, talking to them, they actually didn't have any written record at home at all, other than what their midwife had kept themselves, for the pregnancy.

How is the Information collected in the notes by the midwives used?

    Data gathered through use of the MMPO Maternity Notes is anonymised and contributes to:
  • Research on midwifery care activities and outcomes to encourage more healthy birthing outcomes for women and babies.
  • Research into ways that women can be supported to make healthy options during pregnancy, such as reducing or giving up smoking.
  • Production of an annual report on midwifery care activities and outcomes.

For more information on the MMPO Maternity Notes and our practice management system for women we have attached a case study that the Ministry of Health completed in order to demonstrate the application of the Key Directions of the Primary Health Strategy to maternity care.

Keywords: Midwives, Practice Management, Pregnancy