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By: Migration Bureau  05-Apr-2012

Prospective emigrants to Canada should contact their migration agency as soon as possible regarding the places still available under different occupations quotas. With half of the 12-month period gone, many skilled occupations remain available for visa applications this year!

Under Canada's new quota system, a maximum of 500 places are allowed for each in-demand occupation up to 30 June 2012. But only 3 out of 29 occupations have so far reached this limit.

For places remaining under the other 26 occupations see below;-

Restaurant and Food Service Managers - 63 places remaining
Primary Production Managers (Except Agriculture) - 462
Insurance Adjusters and Claims Examiners - 402
Biologists and Related Scientists - 216
Architects - 341
Specialist Physicians - 274
General Practitioners and Family Physicians - 238
Dentists - 216
Physiotherapists - 445
Medical Radiation Technologists - 477
Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists - 486
Licensed Practical Nurses - 382
Drillers and Blasters – Surface Mining, Quarrying and Construction - 496
Social Workers - 338
Chefs - 464
Cooks - 429
Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades - 453
Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic Trades - 399
Electricians (Except Industrial and Power System) - 448
Industrial Electricians - 447
Plumbers - 492
Welders and Related Machine Operators - 478
Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics - 479
Crane Operators - 496
Psychologists - 462
Supervisors, Oil and Gas Drilling and Service - 452

If your occupation is listed here, you should consider lodging your application immediately. Processing times vary, but the sooner you lodge the better and these in-demand occupations tend to be prioritised over others.

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