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For conferences, leadership sessions, facilitation of corporate events

Insight into Matrix Thinking (1hr - 1.5 hrs)

This dynamic, inspirational presentation will change forever the way you think about new business initiatives. Experience the 12 second innovation.

What is innovation?

  • Benchmark your innovation capability
  • Why is innovation important?
  • Innovation - What is it? Are you doing it?
  • Why do people buy things?
  • The Value Proposition - How to apply it
  • How to create new products, processes or services
  • What is an opportunity?
  • Finding breakthrough opportunities
  • Experience the 12 second innovation
  • Opportunity ranking - Diffusion, and ISFA
  • Embedding an Innovation Culture

Half Day Interactive Session and Workshop (4 hrs)

This interactive half day workshop will show you how to apply Matrix thinking to YOUR business, inspire YOUR team and identify breakthrough opportunities to take your business to the next level.

Business Plans - Why they fail; the common traps

  • Invention versus innovation - which is better?
  • The Value Proposition - concept and application
  • Exercises and evaluation of real life opportunities
  • The Market Map
  • Matrix Thinking - Problem solving exercise - the 12 second innovation
  • Applying Matrix Thinking - team work to generate new products, processes, services and breakthrough opportunities
  • The La Salle Opportunity Matrix
  • Finding an Opportunity
  • Opportunity evaluation and ranking
  • ISFA, Diffusion, Business Fit
  • Developing a Purpose Built Matrix
  • Process Innovation, how you do it and why it is risk free
  • Management Reporting
  • Embedding Innovation
  • Action and implementation initiatives

One or Two Day Master Classes (7 - 13 hrs)

These intensive Master Classes will challenge, motivate and inspire YOU and YOUR team.

Embedding Innovation - A Total Program

A "top down" change program that incorporates the full Master of Innovation content plus the creation and mentoring of Innovation SWAT teams to drive innovation through your business, guaranteed to take you to the next level, and it's very low risk

Business Strategy and Business Tactics

Experience is best defined as "knowledge gained from having already been there"!

The world of business can be likened to a battle. Indeed some of the largest companies in the USA use former military general as advisors. Why - because strategy and tactics should form a major element of your endeavours to build your business and former military men are often skilled in situation analysis and strategy development.

There is an old saying, "build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door" unfortunately that is simply not true.

Proper planning and timing is essential to ensure success.

We help people find the best questions, for without that, there can be no best solution.

Commercialisation strategy development and implementation

All new business initiatives start first with an idea, yet even some of the best ideas fail in fulfilment, and often not for the right reasons.

How true it is that some of the best ideas fail to get traction. The reasons can be manyfold but in reality there is no reason why barrier that impede or even prevent successful commercialisation cannot be overcome. Unforeseen barriers often exist, some are technical but in many cases barriers are either perceived market risk, political and in some cases, personal career risk. These are real, many are natural human traits that need to be understood and negotiated in an appropriate manner.

One of the big advantages in using external resources to assist in commercialisation is that long held internal relationships are not compromised. The organisational good is put before personal risk.

The "Outrigger" model is a classic means to overcome most barriers and has been used in the past by some of the world's largest organisations.

Matrix Thinking and its approach have produced some stunning successes on an international scale by leveraging experience in hugely successful developments and an international network that extends to more than 26 countries and countless organisations both large ands small.

Relationship marketing

Most business are built on personal relationships - how can we discover and work the channels?

If you look at almost any successful person you will find they had a start or some unforseen advantageous "break", not with an idea alone, but with somebody who "opened a door".

Building personal and sincere relationships with your staff and the people in the markets in which you operate is possibly the most important.

It is essential to identify the channels for you business and the key operatives within those channels and then to work and build relationships.

Public relations firms can assist with this, but there are other ways - and you can do it yourself.

Marketing insights, market intelligence, market research

In reality there are really only two risks in business, technical risk and commercial risk. In almost all cases the biggest risk by far is commercial risk.

Many advisers advocate extensive market research above all else before committing to a bold new initiative, but in many cases this is plainly wrong.

Market research has its place and is essential in the right situations, but do you know the right questions, and how is this research conducted?

Some of the biggest failures in history have come after extensive market research signalling a "go" with little risk of failure.

There are some deep secrets to understanding market drivers, enablers and disablers. Market research is about finding the right questions, what's relevant, how to best conduct the research and more importantly, how to interpret the results.

IP advice and strategy development

In universities we often hear it’s "publish or perish". In business, unfortunately too often its patent or perish. This is a common folly.

A sound knowledge of the above is vital, but knowing how to play the game is perhaps even more so.

Expenditure on IP protection is often committed far too early and in many cases in an inappropriate manner. Further, despite extensive and in many cases expensive novelty searches, the frequency with which examiners find prior art is quite surprising.

IP strategy development needs to be thought through and barriers anticipated.

International connections

Roger has an extensive international network in more than 26 countries presenting opportunities to work in some of the world’s largest and most diverse markets and corporations.

How true it is that in many cases the sum of two seemingly independent parts equates to far more than the weight of the individuals.

Those who work with Matrix Thinking are leveraging off a unique methodology that has many proven successes.

Just as important you will be leveraging worldwide connections through every continent and all disciplines from technological research through consulting, banking, finance, insurance and manufacturing, micro electronics, optics, bio medical and even heavy engineering.

Keywords: Market Research

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