Match Realty - Services

By: Match Realty  05-Apr-2012

The Services that match will assist you with, are:

Can you help me lease the right premises for my retail store?

Can you lease my property to a good retail tenant?

What is market rent?

I need to sell my bar/café/restaurant, how do I start the process?

What multiple are businesses like mine achieving at present?

 Retail Investment Sales and Purchasing

I want to sell my retail property. Can you halp me achieve the best price in a time frame that suits me?

Can you help me find a retail property to purchase?

 Retail Intelligence 

What strategy should I have for growing my business, where should I go, and what are the rentals like?

What sort of sales /m2 are achieved in my use category?

Which of the 12 malls in Christchurch will best suit my business, or will one store in the CBD suffice?

Are my retail tenants optimal, and how can I improve their performance?

 Development Advisory

What is global best practice, and how does that relate to New Zealand?

What scale of development in justified in the market?

What sort of rents are sustainable?

How do I get a return on my site of X%?

 Retail Master Planning

Is this the optimal design and strategy for the site?

What is the best tenant mix?

How much retail is sustainable in a mixed use project?

We want to build a retail development, how do I lease it?

What tenants will anchor the project, and how do we approach them?

Can you be my contract leasing executive?

We need to expand and enter New Zealand. How do we find the right sites?  

What sort of location plan can we use to de-risk the roll out?

What is the opportunity cost of locating inside malls versus a street site?

 Asset Recovery

This property has a poor reputation, how can it be turned around?

A competitor development will overshadow my shopping mall  – how do I reposition it?

What industry KPIs can we benchmark performance against?

The asset is likely to be liquidated. How can its value be maximised to creditors?