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By: Markit Labels  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Self Adhesive Labels, Adhesive Labels, Thermal Transfer

Markit Labels - Products | Variable Printing | Self Adhesive Labels

Products for the job

We have had the opportunity to evaluate a range of adhesives and materials. We are of the belief that why change anything that already performs to its requirements, unless there are benefits and improvements on the existing product. We work very closely with our major raw materials suppliers to ensure our customers get the best product for the job.


The majority of our stock labels are manufactured using coated gloss paper with a chiller grade adhesive. It is excellent for thermal transfer printing. The coating gives good water resistance while the adhesive has a service range once applied of -20°C to +70°C.

Our label and tag material range includes coated gloss, matt thermal transfer paper, thermal direct paper and synthetic, U.L approved polyesters, polyethelenes and polypropelene.


The choice of adhesive can sometimes be very confusing. There are many adhesives available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In partnership with our major paper supplier we have selected a quality range of adhesives which best suit our customers requirements.

If you want a label to stick to products in a chiller, freezer, inside, outside or withstand extremes of temperature we can satisfy your needs.

Label Integrity

When labels fall off because of improper adhesives, data can't be retrieved. When harsh and dirty work or storage environments diminish or damage label legibility, data integrity is lost. The bottom line loss to you is productivity. The solution is simple. Talk to us. Mark-it Labels offer many label solutions to meet a wide range of applications.

Keywords: Adhesive Labels, Self Adhesive Labels, Thermal Transfer