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In 1999, after 20 years in corporate business, I went into a major personal change process that I found difficult, confusing, quite fearful early on and very inefficient. I was embarking on my own self-discovery and self-empowerment journey. Since then I have focused on developing my understanding and use of energy, personal development, life coaching, self-empowerment, self-mastery, conscious co-creation and ascension processes, forming a coaching and training practice from this experience. My intention has been to make this coaching and training an effective, efficient and worthwhile process for all who choose to participate.

I have come to understand that each of us has a unique and unconditional power or energy underpinning our life that has a flow to it acting like a stream. It is designed to take us to everything we have ever wanted and is best for us. We are meant to deliberately or consciously use this energy stream for our personal good and the good of all, within a cooperative process.We are designed to tap into and focus this energy stream. Our brain is essentially like a computer. It has a modem to download information, a processing centre and underlying software. We have the ability to upgrade our computer and software to make it faster and more efficient. In fact the software is being upgraded for us but we have to ‘reboot’ our system to fully activate it. There are simple techniques to assist in continually ‘upgrading’ our computer anytime we choose.A key partner to the brain is the body. This is basically a sensory vehicle brilliantly designed to give instant feedback on how we are lining up with this energy. The whole system might be likened to a GPS system where you set the destination and it tells you the smartest way to get there. The great thing is you can upgrade your ‘computer’ and ‘GPS’ anytime you want – you just need to understand how to do it. Once again, there are simple techniques to continually improve and upgrade our GPS system.To develop this ability we must first become aware of this uniquely personal and tangible energy stream and the ‘boulders’ we have put in it that resist it and cause turbulence. These ‘boulders’ are beliefs or ideas that block the flow of everything that is best for us and we have ever wanted. We need to learn to how to shift any boulders we come across off to the side of our stream, smoothing out the flow, allowing it to bring all those things we have wanted into our experience/life easily. This requires a very individual and personal process called ‘Self-Empowerment’.With this re-established we can then move onto how to speed up this energy flow constructively to bring us what we want, and is best for us, faster. This step requires us to become aware of a process called ‘Conscious Creation’ –
“The ability to deliberately or consciously create what we want in all areas of our life by cooperatively using this amazing powerful and intelligent energy stream, both at an individual level and collectively with others.”
Everyone has these abilities but most use it unconsciously, creating a mixture of things they want and don’t want in their life. Many people are simply unaware of how to use this to deliberately or consciously create what they want. They are unaware of their true power and potential.Most people are caught up in a confusing state of external referencing, having never been taught or encouraged to use the powerful internal self-referencing system which the key to Self-Empowerment. External referencing keeps us stuck in a place being a 'REACTOR' to what is going around us. When we can "C" what is truely happening and our real abilities, we go through an amazing transformation. We shift the 'C' to front of the word and change from being a 'REACTOR' to a 'CREATOR'. This is why we are all here and more and more people are awakening to this potential. It demands integrity, responsibility and accountability.I have also come to understand that the stream is increasing in strength and power whether we are aware of it or not. This is creating changes and shifts for us as individuals as well as for the earth. For some people this is causing significant challenges and difficulties, while others simply enjoy the thrill of it. By coming to understand this for yourself, you can not only resolve major negative issues but also learn to proactively use the increased flow, to take you to what you want, faster and more easily. There is an increasing level of awareness and consciousness that goes with this called the ‘Ascension Process’. We are meant to use this proactively, creating a better life and world.The M-Power Programmes have been specially developed to allow people to better understand and proactively use the above to create superior outcomes, in all areas of their life.Being a Self-Empowered Conscious Co-Creator is the way of the future. The opportunity is to learn how to use it now.

Are you ready to step into your true abilities and power?

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