Seismics and the City Conference

By: Lukey Resources  06-Dec-2011

Organisational Resilience,
Recovery, Rethinking & Refocus

A year and a month on from the lethal February 22, 2011 earthquake, Christchurch organisations share their compelling learning experiences and new ways of working in the wake of the quakes at TelstraClear

Seismics and the City

, 22 March 2012 and they and others will showcase their innovative products and services.

Knowledge Sharing Event

"..unlike conventional assets, knowledge grows when it is shared." Dr Karl-ErikSveiby

Together with sponsors, supporters and partners, SmartNet is running a one day event on 22 March with the focus on business organisations: their resilience, their preparedness to handle business interruption and displacement and their creativity and innovation in the wake of the quakes as they and their people recover and reinvent what they do and how they do it.

TelstraClear Seismics and the City is about organizational behaviour in the face of any disaster or disruption, using the Canterbury Earthquakes as a powerful case study and the roles of a resilient culture, adaptive people and the uptake of new technologies.

It will also emphasise the opportunities which accompany catastrophic events and disruptive changes and the need to re-envision and re-strategise business planning in order to prepare for the worst while planning for the best.

TelstraClear Seismics and the City will not be a conventional conference-it will be part forum, part knowledge cafes, part showcase, part Urban Safari and part organisation visits, with opportunities for high level knowledge sharing and networking. It will also feature a virtual expo and showcases and workshops on New Ways of Working and New IT.



Seismics and the City

is about Celebrating Resilience, Recovery and Refocus in the wake of the quakes. It is an opportunity to pause, reflect and learn from the events of the previous 12 months. It will also showcase Christchurch being back into business top gear and position Canterbury as the Brain Plain and an integral part of the Innovation Nation.

It will feature innovative products and services and case-studies of the intangible factors which contribute to resilience and recovery, including the things people know and do and how they communicate and collaborate.

Organisational Resilience Focus
"Always have a Plan B. It often works better than Plan A."

There have been several community events on earthquake related topics since the lethal February 22 earthquake. Our focus is on Organisational Resilience and will focus on organisational stories and lessons learnt, especially around new ways of working, prevention, planning and recovery.


Seismics and the City

will pick up on the different but complementary responsibilities of Boards and Executive teams and point them to scenario planning processes and tools they can use to prepare for the worst while planning for the best.


Christchurch has become a laboratory for new ways of working and a crucible of accelerated change because of the on-going seismic events. It provides unique organisational learning experiences in a number of ways:

- Insights into how leaders can lead their people and their organisation in challenging times

- Case studies and lessons in leadership at all levels in a crisis

- Leading through an organisational or cultural change

- Enterprise Risk Management planning and implementation

- Future Envisioning and Strategic Thinking

- Creative and innovative leadership styles

- Best business practices for resilience

- Planning tools for business resilience which would indicate areas for streamlining, efficiencies leading to a resilience strategy for a company

- Practical people tools and resources for tough times

- Lifting the sights of participating organisations to new opportunities and collaborative possibilities.

Anchor Venue

The anchor venue is Addington Events Centre, plus selected workplaces. Addington Events Centre is one of Canterbury's most flexible, desirable and convenient event destinations. Situated just minutes from the Christchurch CBD and featuring over 15 individual venues, including the new Westpac Business Hub, with plentiful on-site parking

Addington Events Centre Twigger Street,
Addington Christchurch 8149, New Zealand

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