By: Long Panel  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Insulated Panels

Innovation from the inside out

Every project is unique and has specific challenges to resolve. From strict temperature controlled environments, to sterile processing facilities, Long Panel thrives on working with clients to find workable 'task-specific' solutions.

Most of the projects we are involved with need to satisfy regulatory obligations and at the same time fit our clients' utility and budgetary expectations.

Occasionally Long Panel is utilised purely for its architectural merit - its sleek lines and visual appeal.

Long Panel

Long Panel is a versatile insulated building panel made from Expanded Polystyrene Sheet (EPS)with a tongue and grove jointing system, roll formed along the edge. Insulated panel comprises outer skins of pre-painted Colorsteel with a core of CFC-free expanded polystyrene foam.

Optimum performance

The key to optimum performance and efficiency with insulated panels is its installation. Long Panel can advise clients on the best product for each particular application. We also provide a full build and installation service.

Look and finishes

The integrity and durability of insulated panel systems are largely dependent on the panel skins. Long Panel's standard panel skin is pre-painted Colorsteel made by New Zealand Steel. Skin coatings comply with the criteria in the New Zealand Steel Specifiers & Builders Guide.

Insulation is at the core

Long Panel core, is made from 'S Class' Expanded Polystyrene Foam manufactured to AS 1366, Part 3-1982 AII EPS, is CFC-free and flame retardant. Long Panel is also available in fire resistant, FM Approved 'Class 1' Polyphen core.

Long Panel Materials

Long Panels are made using only the best materials. We are proud to partner with New Zealand Steel for the panel skins and BASF for the EPS polystyrene cores.

Panel adhesive

Long Panel skins are bonded to the polystyrene core using a two part thermosetting CFC free polyurethane.

Panel jointing

Long Panels are joined by a high integrity 12mm roll formed tongue and groove jointing system.

Panel maintenance

Performance and longevity of a Long Panel installation depends on following the care and maintenance guidelines provided.

Keywords: Insulated Panels