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By: Kinpack  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Fertiliser

KINPACK fertiliser is produced from sheep daggings and machine blended, resulting in a consistent powdered natural fertiliser. Nothing is added during the crushing or bagging process.

KINPACK powdered sheep manure retains a small portion of wool fibre. This has been retained on purpose as it is a great plant food as well as retaining moisture for a long time.

Quality, Value & Performance ..

Add KINPACK to your compost to accelerate decomposition, microbial and worm activity. This is a very popular method with great results. KINPACK is extremely effective as a liquid fertiliser, again another very popular method with excellent results.  Refer to the "Tips" link.KINPACK offers your plants a natural source of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium - 3 very important ingredients. General Garden Application The suggested rate of application is
1 to 3 kgs/sq. metre (poorer soils will require the greater application rate). To achieve maximium growth we suggest applying KINPACK and then lightly watering before digging or hoeing in.


Keywords: Fertiliser