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By: Hotrot  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Organic Waste

HotRot guarantees that plant designed, installed and operated according to our guidelines will not result in odour problems for your business.

The composting process releases gases that smell.  HotRot ensures that these gases are adequately managed and do not reach noses that may be offended by them.

  • operating procedures to minimise odour generation

  • containment by design

  • effective odour treatment

Length overall - 7.15m (23' 6")

Width overall - 1.40m (4' 7")

Height overall - 2.70m (8' 10") (1.6m (5' 3") with exhaust duct removed)

Main drive - 1.5kW, single or three-phase options

Energy requirement - 20-25 kW/day

Nominal capacity* - 0.3-0.4 tonnes per day

HotRot 1509

The original commercial HotRot unit has recently been redesigned. Ideal for processing sewage grit and screenings and food and garden waste from smaller isolated communities. Units have been installed at sewage treatment works in New Zealand and a remote LNG project in Indonesia.

Length overall - 10.63m (34' 10")

Width overall - 1.92m (6' 4")

Height overall - 2.12m (6' 11")

Main drive - 3.0 or 4.0kW three-phase
Energy requirement - 30-40 kW/day

Nominal Capacity* - up to 1.1 tonnes per day with bin-lifter feed unit; up to 1.5 tonne per day with integrated feed hopper

HotRot 1811

The 1811 represent the third generation unit, ideal for medium sized installations. Several units have been installed together as part of facilities processing "dirty" organics, fruit and vegetable waste and source-separated kitchen and garden organics.

Length overall - 12.80m (42' 0")

Width overall - 2.17m (7' 2")

Height overall - 2.33m (7' 8")

Main drive - 5.5kW three-phase
Energy requirement - 65-75 kW/day

Nominal capacity* - up to 2.1 tonnes per day with bin-lifter feed unit; up to 2.5 tonnes per day with integrated feed hopper

HotRot 3518

The HotRot 3518 is the largest single unit and is constructed from more than 150 tonne of pre-cast concrete hull-sections. Designed to be used by larger municipalities and process up to 150 tonne of organic waste per day by using multiple units.

Length overall - 21.97m (72' 1")

Width overall - 4.92m (16' 2")

Height overall - 4.25m (13' 11")

Main drive - 37.0kW three-phase
Energy requirement - 280-300 kW/day

Nominal capacity* - 9.5-11.5 tonnes per day

*     "Nominal Capacity" is defined as the expected daily throughput for wastes meeting all the criteria laid out in HotRot Composting Equipment Specifications for Use and the plant being operated within these specifications, and within all criteria laid out in the HotRot Operating and Maintenance Manuals.

Nominal Capacity also assumes the production of a relatively stable, low odour product. If other criteria are required to be met, the product may require some passive or static pile maturation/storage prior to use or final testing.


Keywords: Organic Waste

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