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Fresh Fish Range

Variety and Frequency

Deliveries will be on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis, as you have arranged. The fish is delivered in a small chilly bin with ice. The packs will consist of Sole, Tarakihi, Gurnard or occasionally other varieties, as available from the market, for more details on ordering.

Size of Order

The range of order sizes available are $8. 5 0, $10. 5 0, $1 3 .00, $1 5 .00 and $1 7 .00 bags. We have a second price range for some of the more expensive fish varieties, when available, eg groper, blue cod. If you wish to change or cancel your order at all, we must know before 10am on the day of delivery, for more details.

Main Fresh Fish Varieties

Sole  - white, delicate, moist flesh; low oil content; flesh turns whiter on cooking; sweet delicate flavour; cook simply by any method. Sole has roe attached to it, this can be eaten or removed before cooking with a sharp knife. The skin is left on the lower whiter fillet of the sole, this can be eaten or removed when cooked. The same applies to Brill and Flounder.

Tarakihi - medium texture; juicy flesh; low oil content; good delicate to medium flavour; suitable for all methods of cooking. In autumn they tend to feed on kelp and this can flavour the fish, giving it a stronger taste.

Gurnard  - medium to firm flesh which is pale pink but turns white on cooking; succulent flesh; low oil content; sweet mild to medium flavour; suitable for all cooking methods.


Varieties Available Occasionally

Blue Cod - flesh of medium texture; goes white on cooking; is lean and low in oil; has a delicate flavour; is suitable for all cooking methods.

Brill - is a flat fish with fine texture: has pale apricot coloured flesh which whitens on cooking; delicate flavour; can be fried, grilled, poached or baked.

Dory - dense white flesh; moist flesh; medium flavour; suitable for all cooking methods.

Flounder -  fine textured, moist, white flesh, low oil content; delicate flavour; cook very simply by any method.

Groper - white, firm to medium textured flesh; tends to be coarse but excellent eating; low oil content; medium flavour; suitable for all methods.

Ling - very firm dense texture; white flesh; low oil content; sweet tasting, medium flavour; holds shape well on cooking; can be cooked many ways but is very good for stir fry cooking.

Monkfish -  pearly white, firm, succulent flesh; marinates well; does not flake easily; suitable for all cooking methods; ideal for soups and served cold.

Perch -  white flesh of medium texture and flavour; low oil content; suitable for all methods.

Salmon - orange flesh, firm texture, high oil content, great for baking, grilling and barbequing.

Warehou - flesh of moderately firm texture; pinkish colour which lightens on cooking; medium oil content; distinct flavour; best cooked by moist heat but does suit most methods.

Red Cod - delicate texture; low oil content; flakes readily; suitable for all cooking methods.

Hoki - flesh is delicate, white and juicy with a grey skin; flakes easily, suitable all cooking methods.

Moki - medium to firm grey flesh, coarse but good eating, medium flavour, suitable

all cooking methods.

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Keywords: Fish, Fresh Fish

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