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Keywords: Storage, Containment, Vegetable Oils


HazChem Storage

Petroleum Fuels

Single or multi compartment storage of all ranges of gasoline’s & fuel blends, including methanols and ethanols up to E-85.

Diesel & Bio Fuels

Small or large capacity storage for a diverse range of Diesels, Bio Diesels, Bio Mass, and new generation Bio Fuels.

Chemicals & Solvents

Robust & high performing containment of pure chemicals, acids, and industrial solvents.


The capture and storage of Liquid waste, Decanted wastes and Effluents.

Fuel Dispensing


Customized self dispensing systems that enable Under and Over Wing refueling capabilities, with flexible containment options for Jet A1, Avgas, and other aviation blends.


A range of business and industrial applications that offer various dispensing solutions to meet specific requirements and functional needs.


Reliable and easy to use fleet transportation refueling needs, with flexible, intelligent and high performing solutions for the road, rail and marine environment.

Gas Stations

A safe, cost effective, and dependable range of Above or Below ground storage systems that are custom designed and engineered for specific sites & applications. Easily retro fit existing facilities or install a high technology New Generation Gas Station design.

Containerized Systems

HazChem Storage

Offering greater storage capacity and a new paradigm for logistics management & storage solutions. Engineered for transportability and operational flexibility and capable of storing all manner of Hazardous Chemicals, Fluids and substances.

Water & Consumable Fluids

Managing the integrity and purity of water and consumable fluids while at the same time offering a new shipping and product movement option.

Vegetable Oils & Syrups

Designed to regulate sensitive temperature tolerances in order to maintain the liquid state of stored substances, oils and syrups throughout the transportation process.


Enabling flexible and integrated logistics management of food products and perishables by offering a convertible dual temperature container system.

Safety Havens

Designed and engineered for safety and offering a range of customized applications for the protection, storage and containment requirements with use from explosives & munitions, to valued assets, and ultimately people.

Keywords: Bio Fuels, Containerized Systems, Containment, Dispensing Systems, Fuel Dispensing, Petroleum Fuels, Storage, Vegetable Oils,

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