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By: Hettie's Rock & Crystal Shop  06-Dec-2011

We tumble a lot of our own stones, especially the rare stones we are recognised for.

We polish all of our natural Pounamu/greenstone rocks. Many pendants, love hearts, pendulums and wands are made at the shop. Our range increases all the time as we become more skilled and more imaginative. We do repair work for our customers, antique shops and other retailers and we do custom work for several manufacturing jewellers, and of course, we make special one off items for our own customers. Anyone that would like to see how we polish and work the stones, are welcome to come to the workshop, (as long as Andrew is at the shop. He is there Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 4pm.)

Lapidary (the art of cutting and polishing stone) is an ancient trade that sadly is adding to the number of dying crafts as people move more to the digital age. Few people take up the challenge of learning the patient art of lapidary.

Being the only manufacturing crystal shop, puts us in a unique position of being able to offer our customers an unparalleled range of rocks and manufactured items. We are endeavouring to keep our craft alive and plan to pass our skills and love of rocks and crystals on to a new generation.

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This led to the interest of crystal collecting and because of their popularity; some mines now allow the collecting of specimens whom they on sell to dealers and museums. Diamonds are one of the most famous gemstones mined, but only a small few make it to jewellery grade, by far the majority end up as industrial Diamonds used for cutting.



We are now New Zealand's oldest Rock & Crystal Shop and specialise in QUALITY rare crystals, gemstones, rocks, minerals and fossils. HETTIE'S Rock & Crystal Shop was established in September, 1968 by Hetties Feith Wells. Your support keeps New Zealand's LAST Manufacturing Rock Shop.


HETTIES Rock & Crystal Shop Ford MODEL a 1929

HETTIE'S Rock & Crystal Shop has A 1929 FORD MODEL A. We imported it from Duffy's Collectable Cars in Iowa, USA and use it for carting rocks to and from the shop. We have alot of fun with it and it is often parked out the front of HETTIE'S on Tuesday through to Saturday. Our Old style shop logo was made by morphing the Ford logo into our current shop logo. AHUUGA is popular with the children and older cutomers that visit the shop.


Beware of Fake Stones sold on the internet

It is an unfortunate occurance, but some unscrupulus retailers and even honest ones who simply do not know their stones well enough; are selling Fake, Dyed and Manufactured Composite stones as the "Genuine Article". Even worse is this Poly-Resin Plastic composite passed off as Turquoise, you will see this for sale on the internet auction sites as "Genuine" Turquoise.


Crystals & minerals at HETTIES Rock & Crystal Shop

We endeavour to keep this range instore but as we source, cut, polish and prepare many of these items ourselves, sometimes we run short of certain items, or they become difficult to source. This is a list of Rocks, Gems, Minerals and Crystals that we have in our shop. The picture is only one example of what we may have in the particular stone.


how to make a pendulum at HETTIES Rock & Crystal

We Manufacture many items at HETTIES, our large Earth Healing Pendulums are well sought after and seldom make it to the shop, as many local therapists are still on the waiting list. Grinding the preform into a Pendulum shape, this is the longest part of the process. We start with a large piece of stone, this Pendulum will be made from Pounamu. Pre-polsihing on a 50,000 diamond wheel, then polishing on 100,000 diamond.