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By: Haydn Brush Company  06-Dec-2011
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We hand make eight ranges of pure bristle paint brushes in black and white hog bristle and were the first manufacturer to introduce white bristle paint brushes into the New Zealand market. The advantage of white over black is the fine tip of the bristle and its ability to reduce brush marks in all paints. The ranges are ranked in the following order.

Classic Premier Oval - black ★★★★★
Eclipse (flat) – black ★★★★★
Genius Oval – white ★★★★★
Galaxie (flat) – white ★★★★
Premier Oval – black ★★★★
Haydn Trade (flat) – black ★★★★
Hilite (flat) - black ★★★
Rebel (flat) - black ★★

We also produce three ranges of synthetic brushware.  Synthetic bristle is a man made product which has been developed over 15 years to mimic the finish produced by natural bristle. There are professional synthetics and inferior synthetics. We have chosen to stick to the professional synthetics to complement our ranges of pure bristle brushes.

Sabre (flat) - white ★★★★★
Ultimate Oval – white ★★★★★
Renegade (flat) – black ★★★

Remember when choosing a paint brush for whatever job you are doing, the better the quality the better the finish.


We have worked with two of the largest manufacturers in the world to develop two ranges of roller sleeves. We have a premium range aimed at the professional tradesman as well as the serious D.I.Y. home decorator. The Genius range of sleeves is the only range that is endorsed by the NZ Master Painters Association. This range is made in three different widths, 180mm, 230mm and 270mm.

  • Genius Smooth 6mm Draylon/Dacron mix
  • Genius Semi Smooth 8mm Draylon/Dacron mix
  • Genius Semi Rough 10mm Draylon/Dacron mix
  • Genius Mohair 5mm
  • Genius Foam 5mm
  • Genius Microfibre 6mm
  • Genius Microfibre 9mm
  • Genius Microfibre 15mm

Our retail range of roller sleeves are made from a polyester material which is suitable for use in all paints and as with a paint brush, the better the quality, the better finish you will achieve.


We have the largest range of painting and decorating accessories available in the New Zealand market. The range covers the requirements of the professional painter down to the home handyman. The categories covered in this range are surface preparation, scrapers knives and blades, safety protection, cleaning, handles, trays and paintpads, kits and speciality items, and wallpaper accessories.


Zinsser was founded in 1853 on the principles of quality and innovation.  This commitment still remains true over 150 years later.  Zinsser is known in New Zealand as the paint problem solver, providing solutions for everything from mould and mildew proofing to covering the most difficult of stains.


Haydn’s also represent Rust-Oleum whose products are world leaders in protective paints and coatings for both home and industry.  We offer a wide product range including decorative fashion paints, Universal aerosol paints and of course, the famous rust-fighting formula that started it all.


We manufacture a core range of beautician and cosmetic brushes. Unlike all other products manufactured and supplied by Haydn’s these brushes are sold to the public. BeautyKiss by Haydn has become a popular brand in the market of which can be purchased via the website www.cosmeticbrushes.co.nz or by visiting the factory. We have recieved strong support within the beauty industry for our quality and competitive pricing and many companies purchase branded brushes to compliment their products.


We manufacture a large range of artist brushes – sign-writing, poster, one stroke, truck lettering - to list only a few.  These are used by professionals along with brushes manufactured for schools, government departments, hobbyists and novices alike.  At Haydn’s we use natural hair such as pure Sable plus a complementary range of brushes using synthetic fibres, giving an even greater choice for all artists and trade related activities.

Our range of products are the most extensive in the New Zealand market.  We strive to be a one stop supplier to the retail groups and continue to grow our range as new products and technology comes to our attention.

Keywords: Brushes, Paint, Paint Brushes, Painting and Decorating, Roller Sleeves

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