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By: Gracol Enterprises  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Fibreglass, Fibreglass Products, Reinforced Plastic

Fibre Reinforced Plastic (F.R.P.) pultrusion or fibreglass products with a constant profile made in a continuous mechanical process is our speciality. Compared to hand lay fibreglass products, pultrusion achieves a higher glass to resin content (in excess of 2 to 1). This produces a uniform product with remarkably good strength to weight ratio and pre-determined consistent engineering properties. Since almost any cross sectional profile is possible, pultruded F.R.P. can be used in a limitless number of applications. For lightweight, high strength, high humidity, resistance to corrosive chemicals, controlled thermal expansion in high and low temperature environments, high insulation value and low electrical conductance, designers should consider pultruded F.R.P. their advanced composite solution.

Gracolite Fibreglass Structural Panel
A pultruded polyurethane foam-filled building system that is strong yet lightweight. Easy to assemble 600 mm wide X 50 mm deep sections can be made to any length. These fibreglass panels are engineered with a recessed watertight joint and can withstand corrosive environments and temperatures up to +180 degrees Celcius.

Lightweight doors, insulated tanks, portable walls, harsh environments lining, structural covering or flooring.

Gracolite Fibreglass Liner Panel:
An innovative liner panel for protecting concrete is now available for astute design engineers. Made of pultruded fibreglass, the 600 mm wide sheath can be fitted to in-situ structures or into pre-cast concrete panels. The fibreglass liner is impervious to harsh chemicals and can withstand extreme temperatures. It will not crack or break away from the concrete, which makes it an effective solution for protecting the surface with none of the maintenance costs of traditional coatings.

Ceiling, wall, floor or roofing panel in humid, high temperature or harsh environments. Lightweight protection for structural members from corrosion or electrical hazard.

Keywords: Fibre Reinforced Plastic, Fibreglass, Fibreglass Products, Reinforced Plastic

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